Thursday, October 31, 2013

the end of an era

as i write this, i'm still in a little bit of a shock.  no, shock isn't the right word.  awe, perhaps.  awe, excitement, mourning, happiness, sadness, trepidation, even perhaps reservation.  this truly is the end of an era for me.  the closing of one door and the opening of something completely different.  a new beginning.  or at least another landmark on my path.

broomstick is no longer.

yes, you read that right.  my car.  my lovie.  my beautiful and majestic hhr, broomstick, is no longer mine.  oh, the car is still here, don't you worry about that.  but she isn't mine anymore.  from now on hubby has, with my blessing, reclaimed her for her original purpose as the EctoHHR.  that's what she was purchased for in the first place, and i'm happy to see her live up to her full potential.

i really am happy.  i am.  i will get to drive raven from now on.  she gets better gas mileage, has more air bags than is good for my piece of mind, and is a much smaller car, which i prefer.  of course she will have to be renamed, either Hugin or Munin of course, i just haven't decided which one she is yet.

but of course i'm also a little bit sad.  broomstick was the last thing i was holding onto on my "witchy" persona.  my path has been more Norse of late, and it's one that i'm so much more comfortable with.  but i've always been "the witchy one".  always.  (there was even a sign at work where the brooms were kept that said 'Heather Tomasello parking only', put up by one of my friends).  broomstick was my last hold onto that piece of me.  and yes, that piece really didn't fit, and i just kind of carried it around like extra baggage, it was a piece none the less.  and that's hard to give up sometimes.  it's fitting, i suppose, that today is my last day with her.  this is a day of endings.  a day where we look to the past.  tomorrow starts a new chapter, and i will clean her out for the last time.

and i will look forward.  

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