Saturday, March 19, 2011

Momma Yoga

As any momma knows getting a free second to yourself is nie impossible.  And the last thing you want to do when you get that second is exercise.  So I've come up with a few momma yoga poses to share with you:

Momma Lotus.  Sitting cross legged rocking back and forth to get the baby to sleep.

Momma Mountain.  Standing perfectly still because you creaked a floor board during nap time.

Momma Warrior.  Reaching for coffee while feeding the baby brecky.

Momma Triangle. Same as above, but the coffee is on the floor.

Momma Child. Best game of peek-a-boo you'll ever play.

Momma Corpse. The last three minutes before you finally collapse for the night.

Hope this helps you get a little yoga into your day!

Monday, March 14, 2011

overflow of awesome.... no, really.

ok. you know me. i do not have a self esteem problem. if you've read this blog, even a little, you know that if anything i have a bit of an ego. though i prefer to think of it as an overflow of awesome.  so when i say that its time that something has to be done about my weight, you know its kind of a big deal.  see, we cut out 90% of the processed foods we were eating.  i felt a hell of a lot better, less filled with gross unpronounceable things.    i felt HEALTHY.

however, i didn't decrease the actual amount of ..... input.

so while yes, the food i am eating is healthier, it's a lot more calorie dense.  like...  a lot.  real sugar.  butter.  cream.  butter.  whole milk (omfg so yummy).  as little fake anything as i can.  even soda.  real soda.  the good stuff, with sugar, that you have to import from mexico.  and i've gained like 15 pounds in a month.  we went to a parade with the star wars guys (bubby got to meet Darth Vader...  it was wonderful, he was so in love) and my picture got taken a few times (because of the aforementioned bubby/Vader meeting, seriously, it was adorable), and seriously....  moose, jen, misty...  please never show those pictures to anyone.

as much as i love myself, and know that i'm seriously awesome....  not so much likey the way i look.

so now we start phase two of the "real food challenge."  adding exercise and portion control to the mix.  already been on the treadmill at work twice this week, and today i walked to the gas station on lunch to get my stupidly over priced (but still cheaper than star$$'s) coffee.  and i'm restarting the #365yoga challenge.  starting tonight.

 lets get my outside awesomeness to match my inside awesomeness!