Friday, October 4, 2013

Frigga blanket

Today was cleaning day.  First the dining room, cleaned and the floor polished.  Then the living room.  All furniture moved and the floor cleaned and polished.   I got this amazing stuff at Lowes called Bona.  Im not getting paid to say this, but if you're in the market for floor cleaning supplies,  check them out.  Non toxic, biodegradable,  and they really work.  Again,  im not paid, I just love their stuff.  I got the low gloss this time, and im thinking high gloss when we polish again. 

I posted a picture on instagram of the floor mid-polish, and that sparked a conversation with my friend Kate about the amount of ass-kickery Frigga does in the house cleaning department.   We started talking about honoring her, and, well, Frigga in general.  While this tweetversation was happening, I was putting furniture back in its rightful place, and also getting out and airing the blankets for the season (we tend to keep he heat low and bundle/cuddle up during the winter) which got me thinking.   I have an overwhelming need for a Frigga blanket.

So I made one.

One of the many and massive benefits of ownig an embroidery machine is thst you want something.... you can do it.  This awesome company Urban Threads (again, im not getting paid) that has amazing embroidery files.   I forget what this file is called,  but she certainly fit the bill.   So I made this blanket.   Im thinking of putting some like it up at my etsy shop. 

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