Monday, April 8, 2013

Planet ComiCon 2013

it was the best of time, it was the worst of times.

no seriously.  it was.  the parking was atrocious.  the line to get in took us two hours (admittedly our fault for not having the scratch when advance tickets were available, but we didn't, so that's a "suck it up" situation), and my feet were killing me by the end.  i didn't even give standing in line for Will Wheaton's autograph a second thought.  the lines were HUGE.

but i also had a blast.  stayed with some of my best friends in the world (hi Greg and Jo!!), ate the "con hot dogs" which are mysteriously delicious and repugnant at the same time, and saw some PHENOMENAL examples of CosPlay, and my friend, the wonderful and talented Greg Shelton aka Barbossa (also Bam's godfather) won the Best Costume Villain !!  i'm still squeeing on this, seriously, he has worked for YEARS on this costume, and like Jo said "this is finally validation".  i'm so far beyond thrilled for him.  the contest is apparently going to be aired on SyFy at some point, so please be watching for it.

 i put some of the photos on FaceBook, but i figured i'd just do a photo dump here and save everyone having to scroll through.  (i'll get to those in a second, but first i'm going to rant)


i'm hearing grumbelings that the costume contest winners were 'screwed'.  i'm not sure what's going on, but i'm pretty sure that by the end of the day, we'll find out what's up with that.

and proving that a con is still "the real world", the wonderful and lovely Miss Holly (her etsy shop is here) got her booth burgled for about $200 and some really expensive sewing equipment  not to mention some sentimental items.  i've bought some amazing patterns from her, and the leather mask that i said on FB that i'm going to wear to the grocery store is from her shop.  please give her some love so she can at least replace  her stuff, even if she can't get her special items back.

now, on to the pictures.  i don't have captions for all of them yet, and if you see yourself, please let me know so i can tag you.

night before, piratin' around the table

the most beautiful 11 of the con

trixy hobbits eating first breckfast

Uncle Barbossa and 11

love this dress

Captian Jack Harkness and 11


11 and Rose (by far the best Rose i saw)

who ya gonna call?

i love Deadpool

Don't blink.  Don't even blink.  if you blink you're dead

the best Amy Pool at the con.  she NAILED it

scary scary

10 and 11.  Awesomesauce

Dean and Trianna.  i squeed

i loved all the classic Doctors

these guys are amazing.  they even have a Stan Lee!!!

cute couple cosplay

a tiny weeping angel

Bam was in haven.  a Power Ranger

the only 9 i saw.  nailed it.


the cutest family of super heros

Elizabeth and Lois as Steampunk Baby

mr Freeze.  i think he also won a costume prize (well deserved)

Klit man and Frodo, hanging out

love my boys

Bam and his ComiCon romance.  these two were so cute together.


so cute

Day 2, Girl Indy and Baby 11

it's a layer cake!

he loves his r2's

how cute.  every Doctor wanted a picture with him.

even some fans just wanted a picture.

he had such fun with the guy inside the Dalek costume. 

i think soap box derby is in our future.


how awesome are these costumes???

Pond, 11, and 10

Sonic Screwdriver trouble

it's adventure time!

he wouldn't give Dr Horrible his gun back.

and now you know why he loves Avengers so much

best father-son costumes there.  hands down

the detail in Ivy was just amazing

triangle head

i seriously gushed at these guys.  i LOVE venture bros, and i love love love that they were both Hank.  i also loved that they kept making fun of the guy that was supposed to be Dean but didn't wear his costume that day.  this, THIS was my favorite costume (on non family members)

even the make up.  that's dedication

he's got red on him.

yes, this is the Spoonflower fabric, i touched it.  wonderful

another view.

bane 2.0

this artist was amazing.  even had some dwarves.  but no Balin.  i was sad.  

velma.  i loved it.  i love when people who have a certain body type, myself included, costume for that body type, they don't try to squeeze into a popular costume and make it look bad.  i loved this.  love.  i may do a velma in the future.  

awesome family cosplay

the Mighty Thor

adorbs Amy Pond

11 and the Tardis

11 and Dalek

Barbossa getting his autograph from Jayne

Iron Man

Sweeny, Mrs Lovett, and Bellatrix

Iron America

War Machine

waiting for Sissy to be in the costume contest.

so all in all, it was a great experience.  i know things that we'll do differently next time, but pending any real f*ckery with the costume contest winners, i'm pretty sure we'll be back.

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  1. I thought parking could have been a lot worse; at least there was a parking garage nearby. I went there strictly to buy stuff(If you saw a tall guy in a long-sleeved white shirt with unbelievably long hair, that was me). My only issue was running out of cash before finding two vendors with boxes of 1940s-50s SF pulps. Didn't think anyone still sold those anymore...