Wednesday, October 30, 2013

nom nom nom

i love snacks.  wait, i know you're shocked.  i did not get this dynamite figure by eating nothing but kale.  though i DO love my kale.  no, i'm a snacky kind of gal.  not sweets, mind you.  no, i love savory snacks.  give me chips and salsa, and i've got myself a meal.  if it involves sour cream, its for me.

but my one true snacking love is pumpkin seeds.  i will eat a bag of pumpkin seeds for lunch.  i love them to death (in that someday they may actually kill me).   they are now and will always be my go to snack.  if i'm wishy washy about what i want to snack, i will always grab the pumpkin seeds because they will almost always never dissappoint. but i've never been good at making them.

until today.

i made the most amazingly wonderful pumpkin seeds.  they are amazing.  and easy to do.

you'll need:

2 pie pumpkins
slap ya mamma cajun seasoning or cajun seasoning of your choice

start the night before and de-seed your pumpkins.  i made pumpkin pie with the meat.  rinse the seeds to get all the goop off.  put the seeds in a container and add a butt ton of salt and cover with water.  basically you're making a brine and letting them sit overnight.  you might have to swish the container a few times to make sure that all the salt dissolves.  or add less salt.  up to you.  i'm flexible.

the next day preheat your oven to 250,  drain your seeds and put them on a baking sheet. then sprinkle with the cajun seasoning.  pop in the oven and let sit for a couple of hours.  you're going to go low and slow with these.  check every half hour or so, and take a spatula and move the seeds around.  you don't want any seeds to stick to the baking sheet and burn.  when the seeds are done to your liking, take the sheet out of the oven and let cool.

let the snacking begin!

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