Sunday, October 28, 2012

2 weeks of meals for $104

groceries are getting stupid expensive. and healthy food... even worse. so the "no processed food" challenge became a pretty big drain on the coffers. I wasn't willing go sacrafice my families health (or taste buds) with the over processed crap, so something had to give. a little judicious planing was in order. meal planing to be exact.

sitting down and deciding what to have for brecky lunch and dinner for the next couple of weeks so that I don't waste money on food we aren't going to eat, or worse, having to run out and get emergency supplies halfway through.

the newspaper ads come to the door on Wednesday, and I planned my menu around what was on sale. since I wont shop at wally, I cant price match, so I usually pick just one ot two stores to go to, and get all the groceries there. this week I went to Hy-vee and Aldi's.

brecky menu:
pancakes (from the bizkwik mix I made myself so it doesn't count as processed) or eggs. oatmeal when those are just too routine.

lunches are either leftovers or (and I'm almost ashamed to say this but they were on sale for a buck each) frozen meals. I got the Michelinda's meals, there usually pretty good for you (ish).

here is the dinner menu for the next two weeks:
Sunday : chicken noodle soup
mon : pork roast
tue: Mac n cheese
wed : encheladas
thur: chicken noodle soup
fri: Chili
sat: brecky casserole
sun: potato soup
mon: chili
tue: brecky casserole
wed: potato soup
Thurs : Mac n cheese
fri: chili

as you can see, most of the meals are easy to fix. most of them will be set up in the crock pot in the morning before I go to work. and I have a big crock pot so I make BIG meals. that way there is always enough to make for two days.

here's how the the shopping trip broke down:

Aldi's -
10lbs russet potatoes $1.49
2 cans diced tomatos $1.18
6 cans kidney beans $3.54
garlic $0.89
bunch of bananas $0.55
(I also got some diapers $4.99 and Penguin crackers $1.49)
total $16.27 after tax

Hy-Vee -
sour cream $2
1/2 gal milk $2.14
2 cartoons of large eggs (18 count each) $3.76
hash browns $2.69
6 frozen lunches $6
all natural dunk shaped chicken nuggets $4.99
2 chicken soup mix $5.96
coffee $3.48
tortillas $1.68
2 large elbow pasts $2.50
cane sugar $3.98
enchada sauce $3.36
stew meat $4.91
pork shoulder $13.13
cheddar cheese $3.97
cream cheese $1.25
jalapeno string cheese (don't shop hungry) $4.38 (-$0.75)
velveeta $5.99 (have to learn to make this stuff )
apples $3.63
more apples $0.85
green grapes $4.02
onion $0.58

total $87.99 after tax

ill post the recipes tomorrow.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Bessie N Bambi Chili

it's finally consistently below what my loving hubby calls "Tattoeen Hot" outside, sooooo, CHILI TIME!!!!  I came up with this recipe kind of on the spot after a trip to Trader Joe's (you notice i do that a lot), so if any tweaking happens, i'll be sure to let you know.

you need:

1lb beef stew meat
1lb venison stew meat
2 cans of Organic diced tomatoes from TJ's
4 cans of Organic kidney beans from TJ's
4tbl chili powder
2tbl paprika
3 cloves of garlic
1tsp smoked salt
3-4 turns of the pepper mill
a couple dashes of 'cajun seasoning' (we use Tony's)
a dash of Hot Sauce
1 bunch of green onions

sour cream
cheese (grated, but buy it in blocks so you don't get any human hair extract.  just trust me, and read ingredient lables for the love of all that is holy)

crock pot

first thing in the morning, drain the kidney beans and rinse.  plop in the crock pot.  pour the tomatoes, juice and all, in the pot, and add 1 can of water (the tomato size cans).  add the spices, and the meat.  turn onto low for 2-3 hours, then to high for another 6.  about 5 min before serving, chop the green onions and put the whites in the crock pot, reserving the greens.  after 5 minutes, ladle into bowls and serve with a dollup of sour cream, a sprinklin of grated cheese, and add some of the reserved green onion.

serve on a cuddly night with a pint of beer.

nom nom nom.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Shire Pie

so i was looking for my Lembas recipe, like you do.......

what, you don't have a recipe for Lembas????  that's just crazy talk.  anywho, i couldn't find it, so i googled Lord of the Rings recipies, and came upon this GEM of a website, .  it not only has a recipe for Lembas that is better than the one i already had,  but it has a TON of other recipies.....  including Rosie's Shire Pie.

now, Hubular has been asking for a Sheppard Pie for a while now.  and i haven't done it.  because....  well, i have no good reason.  i just didn't do it.  but i saw this recipe and i was intrigued.  real food?  check.  LOTR based?  check.  something that the love of my life has asked for anyway?  YEP!!!  so i made it today.

after a quick stop at the store for supplies (like chicken stock, don't judge me), i was ready to start.  ......

once again, i used my best friend Helga Marquis de Kitchenaid to mix up the crust, and my trusty Knights of Cast Iron Frying Pan for the filling.  it turned out beautifully.  the crust is buttery and moist, it has a good mouth feel, the filling is rich without going overboard..  all in all, wonderful.

sadly, Blogger is frakking up, and won't let me add pictures, so i can't SHOW you how awesome it turned out.  if i can update this later with pictures, i will.  

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Icy Treats

i don't know about your neck of the woods, but it's been 800 degrees of Hades around here.  so hot that normal food is just down right unappealing.  so for the most part Bubby has been existing on fish sticks and ice pops.  not exactly ideal nutrition.  so here are a few frozen treat recipes that i've come up with to help fill in the nutritional gap.  use these recipes as a starting point, i usually don't really measure, and i have small Popsicle molds so i  just throw stuff in.  hope you enjoy them as much as B does!

1 carton of yogurt
3 hand fulls of spinach
1/2 c frozen blueberries
orange juice

put everything in a blender or magic bullet and blend.  add the oj as needed to make it smooth.  pour into your popsicle mold and freeze till firm.

Yo-Yo Pop
1 carton of banana cream pie yogurt
1/2 a banana cut into slices
3tbl of milk

mix up the milk and yogurt.  slice the banana and put the slices into the mold.  add the runny yogurt mixture.  freeze.

Almonds of Joy
1 part almond milk
2-3 squirts of chocolate syrup
1/4 part coconut shreds

mix it all up and pour into the molds. freeze.  mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Pineapple Pops

juice from one pineapple after you've cored it.

pour the juice into the mold.  freeze. yeah, that's an actual recipe.

Friday, July 20, 2012

the BEST chicken salad you will ever eat in your life

i made chicken salad.  wasn't really expecting a lot, but i figured i'd give it a shot.  and since we're trying (TRYING) to eat more on the "only real food" bandwagon, chicken salad seemed like an easy way to start.  i mean common, it's chicken salad.  not rocket science, right?


there are many subtle sciences into making chicken salad.  get just one wrong, and you have crap.  and no one likes to eat crap.  but the chicken salad i made was sublime.  it was wonderment.  it was damn tasty.  and seeing as the only thing i seem to have time to blog is recipes, here goes:

The Best Chicken Salad You Will Ever Eat In Your Life

one whole roasted chicken, de-boned
2/3 c mayo
2 tbl mustard
2 tbl lemon juice
6 cherry tomatoes fresh from the garden - quartered
5 basil leaves - chopped
hand full of fresh cut chives - chopped
3-4 Thai basil leaves - chopped
1 jalapeno - chopped

i shredded my chicken with the help of Helga (my Kitchenaid), and just dumped in everything else in order and let Helga do the mixin'.  pop it in the fridge for an hour or so to get nice and chilled, then spread a spoonful or so onto some sourdough bread.  delish.  

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Stuffed Peppers

I started a running club.  We get together once a week at the local high school track and run/walk/jog laps around the track.  the last lap or so we tend to walk in a pack and today we got to talking about our food intake.  I told the guys about what i'd made for dinner tonight and they asked for the recipe.  so i decided to post it here for all to see.  here you go.  enjoy!

Stuffed Peppers

1lb turkey breakfast sausage
4 green peppers
2 jalapenos
5-6 cherry tomatoes
2 cups of cooked kidney beans (or bean mix of your choice)
5-6 basil leaves
4-5 Thai basil leaves
handfull of chives
1 container of part skim ricotta cheese
4 slices of pepper jack cheese (or provalone, or go cheeseless)

preheat oven to 350

cut the tops off the peppers and clean out the insides.  dice the fleshy part of the tops that you just cut off and set asside.  brown the sausage, add the beans and diced pepper.  dice the jalapenos, cut the cherry tomatoes in half or quarters, and dice the herbs.  add to the pan with the sausage/bean mix.  add the container of ricotta cheese.  when the ricotta is melty, scoop some of the mixture in each pepper, and top with the pepper jack.  pop in the oven for 10 min, just enough to get the cheese melted.


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

long term planing

the second raised bed was put together today.  it was the first time i've used the circular saw.  im very proud of myself right now.  i have crossed over into the realm of tool geek.  im awesome.

there isn't any dirt in bed two, but that's not a problem.  i'll be getting 5 fifty pound bags of topsoil a day and putting them in the bed a little at a time.  that way i won't get too burned out, and it won't take a whole day to fill up the bed.  so it's time for a little long term planing.

i've got 3 types of tomatoes, 2 pepper plants (jalapenos, both), 2 types of basil, and a thyme plant in.  i'll be adding to the 'plant stash' once the dirt is in the beds.  that will take care of my summer crop.  once fall hits i'll be planting spinach (note to self, get spinach seeds) and garlic.  i'm going to build a couple of cold frames to cover the beds for the winter so i can extend the growing season.

i'm also going to learn how to can stuff.  i've wanted to for a long time.  i'm hoping to get a couple of friends to come over and can with me, so we can mix and match stuff, that way we can all have not only the stuff we grew, but also stuff that other people grew.  that and i want to make my own salsa.

between that and starting seedlings indoors next spring, i'm hoping that i'll be able to make a years worth of food out of my own garden starting (slowly) now.  

Monday, April 30, 2012


Welcome to the Spank Out Day 2012 Carnival

This post was written for inclusion in the Second Annual Spank Out Day Carnival hosted by Zoie at TouchstoneZ. Spank Out Day was created by The Center for Effective Discipline to give attention to the need to end corporal punishment of children and to promote non-violent ways of teaching children appropriate behavior. All parents, guardians, and caregivers are encouraged to refrain from hitting children on April 30th each year, and to seek alternative methods of discipline through programs available in community agencies, churches and schools. Please read to the end to find a list of links to the other carnival participants.


I was spanked as a child. I wasn't beaten,  I wasn't abused. My parents didn't terrorize me. My sister....... Anyway. So Hubby and I never has anything set in mind when we had BamBam.

I guess I always thought that I'd do the same as my parents did.  But I haven't.  Its not that I have negative connotations associated with spanking, I don't.  As I said, I was not scarred in any way.  but the more I get to now my little man, the more he is exactly that... a little man.  He is deserving of love and peace, but most of all respect.

I respect my children. They are willful, and imaginative, and wonderful. They deserve respect. Part of respecting them is to practice peaceful parenting. We don't hit. We use time outs, redirection, and explanations. And I honestly believe that that respect will serve them well. Being respected will allow them to respect others more. And that's really the jest of it, isn't it? Knowing your loved and respected.  That's what everyone wants.

Welcome to the Spank Out Day 2012 Carnival

This post was written for inclusion in the Second Annual Spank Out Day Carnival hosted by Zoie at TouchstoneZ. Spank Out Day was created by The Center for Effective Discipline to give attention to the need to end corporal punishment of children and to promote non-violent ways of teaching children appropriate behavior. All parents, guardians, and caregivers are encouraged to refrain from hitting children on April 30th each year, and to seek alternative methods of discipline through programs available in community agencies, churches and schools. Please read to the end to find a list of links to the other carnival participants.


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Sunday, April 15, 2012

a quiet moment in time

BamBam is napping.  On the dog bed of all places.  Hubby is playing modern warfare. And I'm listing a (another) kitchen redo. This time its entirely likely that it will be a total overhaul.  Spearheaded by yours truly.

I'm not going to take it down to the bare bones, but its probable that it will be unusable for a day or so.  here's the list:

Refinish cabinets to a antique white

Repaint/Replace counter tops

Scrape off old peel and stick floor

Replace with pine laminate

Replace defunct overhead fan with a light that.... lights

Build wine storage in the cabinet we dont use

Re paint

Possible under cabinet lighting

So, yeah, thats totally doable, right?

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

out of the broom closet, why yes I am

I've been avoiding blogging for a while.  Not by any particular design, I just did not really feel comfortable talking about the state of presidential politics, thinking about Trevon Martin just makes me feel hopeless and clutch my babies.  So I've been quiet. I don't particularly like the way the world is turning out at the moment. 

So I'm going to change the world.

I'm starting with the Omaha Witch Walk which (hehe, get it... which...witch....) is going to be out on again this year on October 24th and will benifit the Osteigenisis Imperfecta Foundation.  Last year we raised over $750 and I want to double that AT LEAST this year.  We're hoping to work with the Zombie Walk this year to really make it phenomenal. (Note to self... call the ZW guys and site up coffee....)

Next is National Donate A Pagan Book Day April 14th.  This is the firs year for this awesome idea that was cooked up between me and Mrs B from Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom. Its all about exactly what the name says, donate a pagan book to your local library if they take them, and ask why not if they don't.  I'm hoping this will become very very big in the next few years.  We already have the biggest metaphysical book store here in Omaha that is going to be a drop off point.  Awesomeness.

VinLand Foundation. This is the foundation that started after last years OWW, and its going to help a  lot of people.  My partner Jen ans I have been working on this for a while.  Our original mission was to help Pagan (and non Pagan) with gift cards for groceries, and assistance with mortgage and rent payments.  We've changed that up a little.  Our new goal is to help for groceries, but also to help with knowledge and supplies for making your own garden, thereby creating their own sustainable food source. And to me, that is a truly AWESOME goal. 

So yes, the world kind of sucks at the moment, and a lot of us feel helpless. But you're not.  You can help.  Do something.  Anything that helps.  I am. 

Now I need to find a grant writer.....

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sarcastic Sunday - Crunchy Confessions

there seems to be a small number of people in the natural community that love to be 'crunchier than thou'.  so i'm going to set the record strait.  you are much more of a hippy than i am.  you just are.  and here is why:

tonights dinner is made from a box.
i'm not sure that the meat we're adding to said box was humanely killed.
in fact i'm pretty sure that it wasn't.
my walk today.... Bubby was in a stroller.
the felt i've used to make Bubby's hand made busy books was not 100% recycled.
i throw away toilet paper tubes.
my milk is regular whole milk.  
i drink diet pepsi.
i buy organic foods - some times.
i shop at walmart.
i don't own a bike.
Bubby wears disposable diapers.
i consistently forget my re-usable bags.
i have been known to knit things that are not made of wool.
i let my subscription to Mother Earth News expire.
try as i might, i HAVE to shampoo my hair at least every other day.
my last tube of lipstick was probably not cruelty free.
i haven't put my raised garden beds together, though i have all the stuff to do it.
my lawn mower is a gas powered, black smoke spewing, monstrosity of an antique.

so see?  i said it.  you can rest easy.  there is at least SOMEONE that is less crunchy than you.

**no, this isn't aimed at anybody.  it started as a random thought that popped into my head and i wen't with it.  so no, i'm not being made to feel bad or anything.  you're good.**

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring is in the air

it was beautiful yesterday.  went to the museum, then to the zoo.  grilled out on the patio while Princess and i kicked around a soccer ball and Bubby dug in the dirt.  and we started planing out our back yard.

more fence to hide the weirdo-fence-hitting neighbor across the alley. a line of evergreen bushes to shield from the other neighbor (whom we have nothing against, just want a little more privacy).  at least two raised garden beds.  possibility of a concrete/brick grill.  sandbox.

today was scheduled to be our 'lazy day', but i'm already planing out a trip to lowes and home depot.  it may not be so lazy after all

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


we've been playing around with food here at the Hippy Household, and here is one of my new favorite recipes.... Guaco-Taco:

2 avocados
2 roma tomatoes
1tbl Cajun seasoning
1tsp lemon juice
1c cooked brown rice - cold
4 taco shells

mash up the avocados, dice the tomatoes.  mix the two together and add the lemon juice and seasoning.  mix in the brown rice and stuff into the taco shells.

that's it.  you're done.  it's really easy, super tasty, and best of all, the only thing you don't make yourself is the taco shells (unless you make your own taco shells, then i tip my hat to you).

i made these as an experiment the other day as a way to use up the last of my home made guacamole, and was really super pleased with the results.  

Saturday, February 25, 2012

essential oil blends

Last time I blogged abut lotions and balms. And there awesome. But the basic recipes are just that.  Basic. Wonderful to use, yes, but somewhat lacking in the 'oomph' department. So how do you up the wow factor?

Essential oils.

EO's have a huge list of benefits. So many that I'm not even going to get into it here.  Just Google it, and you'll get more than enough information.  Just remember, fully research the oils you use! Some shouldn't be used topically, and some should not be used by some people at all (pregnant women, etc).

Here are some of my favorite oil blends:


   3 drops lavender

   2 drops sandalwood


   2 drops lavender

   3 drops frankesence

   3 drops jasmine

Drawing Love

   3 drops rose

   3 drops lavender

   1 drop vanilla

Troubled Mind

   2 drops Rosemary

   2 drops eucalyptus

   2 drops myrr

   2 drops sandalwood


   1 drop lime peel

   1 drop lemon

   2 drops rose

   2 drops lavender

Belly Bump

   1 drop rose

   1 drop lavender

Feel free to experiment with your own blends, just remember to do your research!

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

balms, and lotions, and scrubs... oh my!

Please enjoy this photo of BamBam as an apology for my long absence. 

I love  natural beauty products.  I know, you're shocked.  I love using them and I love making them. I love the fact that I'm in control of the product from start to finish, and that no harsh nasty ness is absorbed in my skin.  Plus, with the zombie apocalypse looming over our heads, its good to know how to make your own stuff for when the supply lines have been cut off.  Cause of, you know, the zombies.  (Or the fact that the country has been broken up into 13 districts and the Capitol following the inevitable demise of our  current political muck-up.  What? Yeah, so I love  the Hunger Games.  So? Doesn't make it any less true)

I found a recipe for a lotion on Pintrest that I absolutely love.  I don't remember if I linked it here before so I'm just going to type it now.


     Basic Lotion

3 tsp bees wax

3/4 c oil of choice

1c cold water or tea

Essential oil

     Melt the wax in the oil using the double boiler method, when the wax is completely melted, let cool for about 2 minutes.  While you're doing this, put the water or tea into a blender and start er up.  Slowly pour the oil/wax into the blender and put on its highest setting.  The blender will emulsify the two together. Scoop into sterile jars. Add any essential oils during the blender phase. 

     Basic Balm

1 1/2 tsp bees wax

1/4 c oil of choice

Essential oil

     Melt the wax in the oil using the double boiler method.  Once the wax is completely melted, add your essential oil.  Stir with a clean stirrer. Allow to cool slightly, once it starts to solidify, stir again, and put in a clean tin or jar.

     Sugar Scrub



Mix the two till the sugar is moist, but not soup like.  Rub onto your skin while in the shower ( don't forget to clean the shower later, or Hubby someone might slip and fall later)

So there are my three favorite recipes. Later I'll share my favorite essential oil blends. 

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

wow. think i took a break there

it's been over a month, i've just been out of a blogging frame of mind.  but don't worry,  i'll be 'back on track' here soon,  in fact, i'm looking for a bunch of new recipes to try out here soon.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sunday, January 15, 2012

my cupboard is useful again!

useful.  it's a term i've been hearing a lot lately.  Bubby is on a Thomas the Tank Engine kick, and Thomas likes to be useful.  (of course for 90% of each episode, Thomas is a little jack-ass but always realizes the error of his ways and is, in fact, useful, by the end)

i have a cupboard in my kitchen that hasn't been exactly useful.  my witchy cupboard.  it's sat very lonely for a couple of months now.  I'm not sure if it's the weird weather winter we've been having, or the switch-over from Persephone to Frigga.  but it's sat, being slowly taken over by excess boxes of Cajun food (because we have TONS, and need a place to keep it all) and basically being of very little use at all.

and then....  pintrest.

oh yes, this is another 'gods pintrest, how i love you' post.  because it has helped me to circle back a bit more towards the kitchen witch side of myself (which you'd think i'd be all over because of the Frigga thing)  so far this week alone, i've dried apples for snack, made garlic oil for an ear infection, and made vanilla extract.

did you hear me?


that's right.  that's how cool i am.  i just mixed vodka and vanilla beans and made WONDERMENT PEOPLE!!!  did you know it was even possible to make extract?  i had no idea, but apparently friends of mine have been doing this for years.  and it's going to be awesome.  and i can't fracking wait to bake something with extract i made by myself.

this calls for brownies.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Scrappy little hat

I got a bag of scrap yarn from a friend.  Yarngasm. So today I knit up this cute little hat.