Monday, October 28, 2013

i'm just not that into me

i'm not a girly girl.  i'm not.  i don't use makeup.  i don't wear dresses except to weddings and funerals when no other option presents itself.  i don't like glitter, foofery, or smelly crap.   basically, if kim karkrapsian has ever worn or endorsed it, it's not for me.

but i try.

or at least i did.  up until the last 10 years or so, i wore the goop on my face.  i had heels.  i even regularly wore skirts, and not just to work.  i suppose it was kind of like armor.  something to protect me so that nothing could really touch me.  kind of depressing, isn't it?


but ear rings stuck around.  i even had cartilage piercings in my ears.  i kept them in right up until just after Bubby was born.  i took them out when i had to get a mammogram  though i can't remember if it was required or not.  they never got put back in.  i've tried in the last three years to put them back in a couple of times.  my  ears get itchy, the sites get infected, and the puncture turns gross and black.  and it doesn't matter what kind of ear rings i wear.  apparently hypoallergenic means "dipped in battery acid" as far as my chemical make up is concerned.  so i'm done with them.  i can live a whole and complete life without wearing them.  i'm still a productive member of society.

i just think it would be a very unwise decision to get my nose pierced.  

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