Tuesday, May 15, 2012

long term planing

the second raised bed was put together today.  it was the first time i've used the circular saw.  im very proud of myself right now.  i have crossed over into the realm of tool geek.  im awesome.

there isn't any dirt in bed two, but that's not a problem.  i'll be getting 5 fifty pound bags of topsoil a day and putting them in the bed a little at a time.  that way i won't get too burned out, and it won't take a whole day to fill up the bed.  so it's time for a little long term planing.

i've got 3 types of tomatoes, 2 pepper plants (jalapenos, both), 2 types of basil, and a thyme plant in.  i'll be adding to the 'plant stash' once the dirt is in the beds.  that will take care of my summer crop.  once fall hits i'll be planting spinach (note to self, get spinach seeds) and garlic.  i'm going to build a couple of cold frames to cover the beds for the winter so i can extend the growing season.

i'm also going to learn how to can stuff.  i've wanted to for a long time.  i'm hoping to get a couple of friends to come over and can with me, so we can mix and match stuff, that way we can all have not only the stuff we grew, but also stuff that other people grew.  that and i want to make my own salsa.

between that and starting seedlings indoors next spring, i'm hoping that i'll be able to make a years worth of food out of my own garden starting (slowly) now.