Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Magnet Board Instructable

i got a couple of cookie sheets from work today.  they were going to be thrown out if i didn't take them home.  and you all know how much i love free stuff.  so i CRAFTED!!!

here's how you make your very own magnetic boards from old cookie sheets:

first you need a couple of old cookie sheets and some spray paint

put the pan on a surface you don't mind getting splattered, like a garbage can:

spray till you have a nice even cover

and they will look something like this:

 or this

then by the time someone is ready to get out of the pool:

(yes, he's in there with his shoes on.  yeah.  i know)

they should be dry and you'll be ready to take them inside.

now you need some sticky back velcro, and attach it to the back like thus:

take the backing off the other half of the velcro and stick it where you want it.

i decided the inside of my 'witchy' cupboard was the perfect place.

and there you have it.  a simple easy way to make your own magnet board!


  1. wish id seen this before i threw my old sheet out for being in a condition i wouldnt use food on:P

  2. Did you have to sand it down any? It's lovely!!

  3. What a wonderful frugal craft idea!!

  4. If I wasn't so allergic to spray paint, I'd do this. Maybe I could talk my husband into making some for me because I just love this idea. And I'm like you, I love free stuff and hate to see things being thrown away without creatively reusing.