Monday, March 17, 2014

Planet ComiCon 2014 (photo heavy)

Here are the pictures i took at PCC this year.
my Doctor

playing in the back yard



Geeky Family.  Uncle Barbossa, Daddy and Sissy

Greg as Midnight Barbossa

Steampunk Jo

Creepy Clockwork

I love these guys

Jay and Silent Bob

Bat Family


He loves Deadpool

the cutest Dalek


Map Room Indy and the Girls

like father like son

Rose and 10

Captn Jack and 10

Big Daddy

Bam and Hellboy

John Snow

Pyramid Head

WarMachine ROX

Iron America

so this is the first Brony i've encountered.  Not bad

then he showed me his cutie mark

Map Room Indy and the bunny

Joker and Bane

Joker, Hockey Pad Batman, and Bane
(i think somebodys gonna get beat)

Very Awesome Catwoman

Blues Brother

i'm not sure if this is a costume, or if it's traditional, but it was beautiful

Charlie Brown.  He said next year he's coming in costume

so John Ratsenburger stole my camera and took a picture of Bam sleeping on my back.  Im not kidding.  Mac from Cars took my camera and started snapping photos

i love my geeky extended family

Heather in her nursy glory

sexy sexy harley

Sell out Lone Ranger (kidding jason!!!!  i'm kidding)


the nope nope nope guys (remember them??)

the Walking Fred!!!  get it??

11 and Pond

Johnny Bravo!!!!!

they were so cute

Femme Dr Horrible and Captn Hammer

Dr Girlfriend.  i love this costume.  i want to do one myself

Doc Brown

I solemnly swear that I'm up to no good

Who ya gonna call?

old and new Starbuck

Bam and his Pony's

10 squared

I loved her!

River and her father

Scarecrow, 10, and .... another guy

i still say Silver Surfer lost a bet


Robin and 10

Dr Horrible again


Day 2

Midnight Barbossa and Lego Spidy

triple Indy

Bam Indy and Uncle Wildman

Dallas and her Tardis Shoes

the henchmen

6 million dollar man 

the Monarch family 
(who, oddly enough, did not come with the henchmen)

Indy and R2

awesome Doctor Tattoo

Indy and Wonder Woman


Indy and Hawkeye

Uncle Jeremy as Ash and Indy

i tried for a panoramic shot

cute little robot

Death the High Cost of Living




the KC Convention center has a certain Walking Dead look about it

Bam and Vanelope

Cathulu mask

i'm not a trek fan, but this was a very awesome and detailed costume

Bam's favorite Dalek was back

More trek


River and 10

Bam and Thor and Loki

Cosmo and Wanda

Father and son (im assuming) Ghost Busters

Bam loves the Enterprise

i love this hat/beard

Bam got to meet Odin

Bam and his future father in law Andy

My future daughter in law Lois

Beautiful Ursula

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  1. Love your cosplay pics. Can I ask where you got the tunic/robe for the map room Indy costume? Did you make it or buy it? I want to do something similar for a con in Sept. 2015, but I have no idea where to begin. Thanks so much!!