Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Heathen Heart

"Odin loves me, this I know, cause the Hamaval tells me so"

"I know you think that he doesnt care, or that hes not listening, but he really is.  So lets keep the Thor in Thorsday"

Just a few of the things ive recently posted on Face book.  So if this next admission comes as a shock... well, we' ll just have to cross that bridge when we get to it. 

Im a Heathen.  I worship many gods, not just one.   Odin and Frigga are the gods I most often associate with.  Im also fond of Thor and Tyr. Hel has her good points. Unlike most Heathens, im ambivalent on tbe Loki situation.   I can take him or leave him.  Apparently in Heahen society your stance on Loki is a pretty big  deal.  Me? Meh. (Dont get me wrong, Tom Hiddleston arrives on my doorstep, and well have this conversation again)

Does that mean im very different from a Christian?  No, not treally.  it means I'm basically a good person.  I don't kill people, im relatively honest (with the exception of my calorie counter),  and a pretty damn upstanding member of society.   The difference is that Christians are commanded to be that way. 

For me, its a choice.

I am making a moral choice to be "good" without fear of damnation.  When I die my soul will go to whatever realm that, by my actions,  I have earned.   But in none of them,  am I 'dammed'.  Valhalla is, of course, the goal, but its kinda like a fancy New York night club.... you have to be special to get an invite.  

Now, dont think for even a  second that I think that makes Heathenry is "better" than Christianity.   Its not.  Most Christians CHOOSE to follow their commandments. Not all Heathens follow the Nine Noble Virtues.  And to be honest, there are lot of Heathens who are just plain assholes.   (And im not even going to get into the whole racism bullshit, just know that THAT is NOT part of my path)   Heathenry is just is what works for me.  What im comfortable with.   it speaks to me.  Benevolent Father, Loving Mother.  Kick-assery.  My wyrd in my own hands, no one but Me making my choices for me. 

And it is just like it sounds.... frightening and exhilarating at the same time.  

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