Thursday, April 29, 2010

poor manchild. he hasn't been moby'd in over 24 hours. i had foot surgery yesterday, and am on crutches for the next few days. and somehow i'm thinking the moby and crutches are a trip to the ER just waiting to happen.

i'm going to be taking some new pics for the blog this week. or would that just be 'taking some pictures'? my profile pic now is from my facebook. i want to show off the garden, the troll army, compost bin. you know, the basics.

beltane is coming up this week. i'm thinking of having a few friends over to have a fire pit bonfire. i obviously won't be jumping over it, but it'll still be fun. i've got my black salt almost ready to sprinkle on the borders of the yard. will probably need a little help with that one seeing as i can't really carry the jar and walk at the same time. the hubby will probably help out.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

ahhh garbage day. two bins overflowing with an additional cardboard box and paper bag to go with them. and only one lonely garbage can. makes a girl feel proud.

i'm having the epa come out and test my yard for lead levels. while were not in the "superfund site", were frickin surrounded by it. normally i would have to pay for the testing myself, but since the manchild was born, there going to come out and do it for me for free. and i loves me some free stuff.

and speaking of free... i have a friend who was going to get rid of a pull-behind toddler bike seaty trailer thing. it's now sitting in my living room waiting to be put in the garage. now i just need to get a bike.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

hay there, it's been a while.....

ok, i'll admit, three months between blog posts is stretching it a bit. but i have a good excuse.

life happened.

first it was birth. then bringing home baby. then colic. then the end of my maternity leave.

but now everything seems to be settled down. (i'm ducking as i type that, i'm pretty sure one of the gods just threw a thunderbolt at me for saying it) and i think it's fitting that i re-start the blog on earth day, don't you?

here's some basic randomness...........

i mowed the lawn today. and yes, i still have a gas mower, and yes i know how horrible it is. but honestly, it was given to me for free. by using it, i'm keeping it out of a landfill. and to be totally honest, i've tried the "no motor push mower" and guys.... it sucks. my house is on a slope, and i have that isoysia (or how ever the hell you spell it) grass that's a bitch to mow even with the gas mower. but i figure as long as i keep the mower well maintained, i'm good.

plants are starting to come up in garden one; onions, blue potatoes, and garlic. garden two hasn't been started yet (rosemary, anise, jalapenos, okra), but i'm going to pick up the landscape timbers tomorrow on my lunch hour for a raised garden. i haven't decided where the white corn is going to go in... may just have to have a garden three...

i've recently become addicted to Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom's blog. i'm totally trying to make black salt like she did. it's a time consuming process, but i recommend checking it out.

i think the manchild is starting to teethe. he's been super fussy for the last couple of days. drooling like he's a spigot. mouthing anything he can get his hands on. just when we get over colic. sigh.

ok, i think youre all caught up. and it's getting close to bed time.