Saturday, December 31, 2011

No Resolutions

.... only promises.

in 2012 i promise to:

     make all my own laundry soap.
     make my own lotion
     knit myself a sweater coat
     make soap from lard
     do yoga twice a week
     start AND finish a steampunk costume
     keep up with 'once a month cooking'
     make sure i blog once a week, at least
     continue to be awesome
     leave an offering on the outside altar each full moon
     keep the kitchen clean
     cuddle with my babies

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

i'm home today

apparently the plague is going around at work.  it's my turn.  cough, sniffles, sore throat.  i've got em all.  so i'm spending my day cursing pintrest and watching bam eat an ice cream sandwich for brecky.

and deciding what to do with this blog.

this blog is kind of a catch all for my thoughts.  no real direction, no real... push.  so i think i'm going to slim it down a bit.  i've already started another diary type blog for my weight loss, . and this one is going to be for my hippy/pagan stuff.  i'm not saying that the two wont mingle, but a little more separation will be good for me.

on that note....

i made some lotion.  actual lotion.  not balm, not 'moisturizing oil'.  lotion.  and it was flippin easy.  i got all the instructions from this site Ready Made, and they have great detailed instructions.  the only thing that i changed was that i added some sandalwood scent.  the fragrance oil, not the essential oil.  i can't afford the essential oil. so that made it not 100% natural anymore.   but this stuff is amazing.  i use it on my face, my body, even my hair (i have hobbit hair.  big tendency to frizz out) and it works as an amazing smoothing lotion on my locks.  i gave a way a couple of jars for xmas gifts, and people are hooked.  i don't think i'll ever buy lotion at a store again.

i LOVE that it's made of food grade stuff.  everything in it (with the exception of the fragrance oil) can be eaten.  remember, the skin is the largest organ of the body, and i like the idea that no unpronounceables are going onto it.  the next batch im thinking of making will be coffee scented, i'm just going to replace the filtered water with cold brewed coffee.  i can already smell the yummyness.......

Friday, December 16, 2011

i hate the hollidays

there.  i said it.  i am not a happy/sappy Christmas lover.  i don't like the tree. i hate the music.  i'm not fond of the food (fruitcake?  fruitcake should be classified as a weapon of mass destruction).  the TV specials run the gambit of sappy-cutesy to downright disturbing.  seriously, have you seen Rudolph the red nose reindeer lately?  Santa is a dick.  and i swear to Odin and all that i hold holy that the next person to sing "grandma got run over by a reindeer" will get a holly jolly boot in the poop shoot.

but it seems that the gods are not without a sense of humor.

my husband and son have an unholy love of the mistletoe.  the tree was put up during a marathon of the old stop motion flicks.  Bubby is a Santa-seeking missile.  gift buying was a two day affair, complete with fancy coffee (ok, so that i kinda dug on).

i don't get it.

i was told that once Bubby came along i'd suddenly have a love of this holiday.  lies.  all lies.  

Saturday, December 10, 2011

letter to littles - Dec

it's the first of the month (not really, sorry, i'm writing this late), which means it's time for the Letters to the Littles.  i'm trying to write a letter to my kids once a month, it's a great exercise, and one i hope you will do to.  just remember, what you say on the Internet is there.  forever.  so don't say something that you're going to regret later.  be smart about it, ok?

Dear Princess, 
     13.  officially a teenager.  the crazyness of school, and boys, and hormones....  yep.  13.  i know we've had most of the major 'talks' (period, body image, birth control), and that things are changing and happening for you faster and in ways that you never imagined.  your dad and i try to respect your privacy, but it would be nice if  you'd come out of your room every once in a while ;)  being a teenager is a crazy time.  trust me i know, i was one a while ago (we're not going to talk about HOW long ago...)  but remember, i'm here for you to talk to when ever you need it.  even when you're at your bio-mom's house, all you have to do is call or send a text.  i will always answer you.  

Dear Bubby,
     this month has been crazy-cakes.  you and i are both adjusting to daddy's new work schedule (we're getting a pretty sweet deal you and me...the WHOLE bed to ourselves!!!)  (with no added snoring!), there has been more often than not sleeping through the night, and your vocabulary has probably doubled.  i love that you're more 'kissy' than you have been in past months.  i love me some baby kisses.  you're new favorite words are 'train' and 'careful'.  i posted pictures on my blog a few days ago about co-sleeping with you.  i hope when you're older you don't mind.  but people need to remember that co-sleeping is safe as long as it's done correctly, and those pictures show that.  it helps that there adorable...  

To Both of You,
     i love you.  so very much.