Thursday, October 17, 2013

Art for art sake

Im blessed to have some amazing artists in my life. Dani at Heartroot Studio, Deina at Gentile Soul Arts, Jeremy Miller, Heaher Ray among others. Each and every one of them is someone I look up to and am inspired by.   My daughter is very talented and I can see her becoming an amazing cartoonist someday. I draw and paint myself, though I dont count myself in their category.

I love Van Goth, of course (oh vinny you magnificent bastard). And Cibot. Truth be told 'Fallen Angels' is in my openion one of the most beautiful paintings of all time. I think Cibot has been shafted in the fame department.   I am thankful that I live in Omaha, and I can visit whenever I like.   I could sit and stare at it for hours.  And have.

But my all time favorite artist? Well, that would be Shag .  Witty, wild, and so deliciously pop.   I love his brash takes on consumerism and his satire and his retro flair.  Basically everything I hate about hipsters, I love about his art.   (And yes, I understand that in a lot of ways , im a hipster too.  Shut up) 

If you've never checked out his art, please do.  One in particular,  'Wives with Knives', is one of his that I absolutely love.   And hay, even if you dont like his stuff or any of the other artists stuff ive mentioned, you checked out a new artist.  Go you.

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