Saturday, October 19, 2013

The first step is a doozy

Im standing on a cliff.   Thats what it feels like anyway.   About to step away from what I know and dive into the abyss.   All change feels like that though,  right? 

I not making Star Wars costumes any more.  There,  I finally sait it. With a few notable exceptions of family and the friends I consider family, im done.   While its too early to say whats replacing it, its going to take uo all the time and energy and money thst SW costuming has previously been taking up. 

This is truly unknown territory for me.  Ive always done Star Wars costumes.   Always.  I still have sketches for hundreds of different jedi robes going from Old Republic to Empire.  I have swatches of fabric in silk, wool, and linen.  While they will still serve me well, I will always remember the costumes they were originally for.  Kind of bittersweet really. 

I know, KNOW, that this new direction is where I need to go.  More "me".  But that doesn't mean that it's not frightening.  And honestly,  I'll announce details when I can.  Just understand that I'll be a little scattered for a while.  


  1. I am really curious to see your sketches now! Also... I just commented on a blog post from 2010... I've just been skipping around... love the blog!

  2. Embrace the change, it is exciting to tread new territory, although a bit scary. I have been going through some big changes as well. This might help you: