Wednesday, March 28, 2012

out of the broom closet, why yes I am

I've been avoiding blogging for a while.  Not by any particular design, I just did not really feel comfortable talking about the state of presidential politics, thinking about Trevon Martin just makes me feel hopeless and clutch my babies.  So I've been quiet. I don't particularly like the way the world is turning out at the moment. 

So I'm going to change the world.

I'm starting with the Omaha Witch Walk which (hehe, get it... which...witch....) is going to be out on again this year on October 24th and will benifit the Osteigenisis Imperfecta Foundation.  Last year we raised over $750 and I want to double that AT LEAST this year.  We're hoping to work with the Zombie Walk this year to really make it phenomenal. (Note to self... call the ZW guys and site up coffee....)

Next is National Donate A Pagan Book Day April 14th.  This is the firs year for this awesome idea that was cooked up between me and Mrs B from Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom. Its all about exactly what the name says, donate a pagan book to your local library if they take them, and ask why not if they don't.  I'm hoping this will become very very big in the next few years.  We already have the biggest metaphysical book store here in Omaha that is going to be a drop off point.  Awesomeness.

VinLand Foundation. This is the foundation that started after last years OWW, and its going to help a  lot of people.  My partner Jen ans I have been working on this for a while.  Our original mission was to help Pagan (and non Pagan) with gift cards for groceries, and assistance with mortgage and rent payments.  We've changed that up a little.  Our new goal is to help for groceries, but also to help with knowledge and supplies for making your own garden, thereby creating their own sustainable food source. And to me, that is a truly AWESOME goal. 

So yes, the world kind of sucks at the moment, and a lot of us feel helpless. But you're not.  You can help.  Do something.  Anything that helps.  I am. 

Now I need to find a grant writer.....

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sarcastic Sunday - Crunchy Confessions

there seems to be a small number of people in the natural community that love to be 'crunchier than thou'.  so i'm going to set the record strait.  you are much more of a hippy than i am.  you just are.  and here is why:

tonights dinner is made from a box.
i'm not sure that the meat we're adding to said box was humanely killed.
in fact i'm pretty sure that it wasn't.
my walk today.... Bubby was in a stroller.
the felt i've used to make Bubby's hand made busy books was not 100% recycled.
i throw away toilet paper tubes.
my milk is regular whole milk.  
i drink diet pepsi.
i buy organic foods - some times.
i shop at walmart.
i don't own a bike.
Bubby wears disposable diapers.
i consistently forget my re-usable bags.
i have been known to knit things that are not made of wool.
i let my subscription to Mother Earth News expire.
try as i might, i HAVE to shampoo my hair at least every other day.
my last tube of lipstick was probably not cruelty free.
i haven't put my raised garden beds together, though i have all the stuff to do it.
my lawn mower is a gas powered, black smoke spewing, monstrosity of an antique.

so see?  i said it.  you can rest easy.  there is at least SOMEONE that is less crunchy than you.

**no, this isn't aimed at anybody.  it started as a random thought that popped into my head and i wen't with it.  so no, i'm not being made to feel bad or anything.  you're good.**

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring is in the air

it was beautiful yesterday.  went to the museum, then to the zoo.  grilled out on the patio while Princess and i kicked around a soccer ball and Bubby dug in the dirt.  and we started planing out our back yard.

more fence to hide the weirdo-fence-hitting neighbor across the alley. a line of evergreen bushes to shield from the other neighbor (whom we have nothing against, just want a little more privacy).  at least two raised garden beds.  possibility of a concrete/brick grill.  sandbox.

today was scheduled to be our 'lazy day', but i'm already planing out a trip to lowes and home depot.  it may not be so lazy after all

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


we've been playing around with food here at the Hippy Household, and here is one of my new favorite recipes.... Guaco-Taco:

2 avocados
2 roma tomatoes
1tbl Cajun seasoning
1tsp lemon juice
1c cooked brown rice - cold
4 taco shells

mash up the avocados, dice the tomatoes.  mix the two together and add the lemon juice and seasoning.  mix in the brown rice and stuff into the taco shells.

that's it.  you're done.  it's really easy, super tasty, and best of all, the only thing you don't make yourself is the taco shells (unless you make your own taco shells, then i tip my hat to you).

i made these as an experiment the other day as a way to use up the last of my home made guacamole, and was really super pleased with the results.