Friday, November 1, 2013

fighting the good fight

i have amazing hair.  it's long, it's silky, there are beautiful waves and curls.  it's glorious.  amazing.  breathtaking.

maybe one day a year.

every other day my head is covered in a mop of frizz.  i've tried the expensive cleansing conditioners, i've tried no-poo, i've tried prayer.  nothing works.  i've done hours of research and short of a pony tail, there isn't much else i can do.  right now my hair routine is usually shampooing every other day, and conditioning and apple cider vinegar rinse every day.  i've been reading lately about how the ph of carbonated water is different, and that is a fix for the frizz.

well, i have a soda stream......

and if i need to rinse with ACV anyway, why not add the ACV to the soda stream water.....


so i decided to give it a try.  here is a before picture.  (i sent it to my friend Andi in response to her uber cute selfie on instagram.  yes i'm an adult, shut up)

pretty flat and frizzed

here is after the soda stream water with ACV

yes, it's a little hard to see, but i no longer have a shoulder length halo.

so while the battle is in no way over, i have another weapon in my possession.  someday i'll have movie star hair without having to use a buttload of goop.  i will.  *sob* I WILL!!! 

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