Saturday, October 12, 2013

You spin me right round baby

Because I don't know how to have idle hands, I've started spinning wool.  I have a drop spindle, bottom whorl.  Ask me what that meant two months ago and I would have no idea.  You get a whole new vocabulary.

Its very medatitive.   You can sit and spin (he he he) and let your mind go.  Find a zen within the wool and the wood.  I didnt think id like it as much as I do, it was just something new to try, a new skill to learn because I collect skills like Hubby collects Star Wars action figures.  Which is a lot.  I already know how to knit so spinning seemed to be a natural leap.  And I found that I love it.

And it is a labor of love.  Spinning your own yarn isnt cheap.   A ball of roving is at it's cheapest about $3.  It takes two balls to fo the spindle in the picture.  So you can see its not a lot.  And it takes about 2 hours.  It would be way cheaper to just run to wally and grab some yarn if I just wanted to knit.  Like I said, labor of love. 

Id like eventually to get a spinning wheel,  but those bad boys are freakin expensive.  And to be honest,  ive got other big purchases on my mind.   Like another fur rug.  Or a million yards linen. 

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