Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Chalkboard Table Instruct-able!! a naptime project

if you follow me on twitter, facebook, or G+ (which is awesome by the way), you know that i've had an obsession of late with chalkboard paint.  i'm not sure what it is, but i love the stuff.  i blame pinterest.  that website has sucked away more of my life than angry birds ever did.  but i love it so.  i think i even threatened to chalkboard paint my kitchen counter tops.  it's still on the 'maybe' list.

couple my chalkboard obsession with the resolve to home school bubby.....  chalkboard table!!!  here's how it's made:

first, start with a tacky 70's coffee table.  (sorry hubby, but it was)

get a good quality chalkboard paint.  this was from Lowe's ( i love lowes)

i didn't pre-sand, and had no problems.  the first coat will go on looking a little thin.
but you'll be putting another coat on, don't worry.

it actually took less time for the paint to dry than for bubby to wake up from his nap.

i think he likes it, don't you?

my budding little artist

seriously, this was by far the easiest instruct-able i've ever done.  the whole thing was finished durring nap time, start to finish about 2 hours.  and most of that was watching paint dry.  i can totally see this table being well used in the future!


  1. I vote yes on the chalkboard countertops! Imagine the possibilities!

    This is so cool. I have a nasty old coffee table in the basement that is screaming for chalkboard paint. And my dinner table, basement door...ok...off to lowes!

  2. Thank you. I Love this idea. I may begin stalking the garage with paintbrush in hand. I can just hear my husband screeching about his bachelor furniture already.

    Oh! More proof we were meant to be friends? I had that same freakin' coffee table (with matching side table) until our last move. Now, if only I'd thought of the chalkboard paint trick, it wouldn't have gone to some poor college student's apartment in Berkeley for more beer pong games.

  3. zomg, we have 2 of the side tables. i've been eyeing them since yesterday....

  4. We have a coffee table. We have chalkboard paint. All with the intention of doing this. Just need to get to the shed to clean the chicken-ness off of the table and bring it in.