Thursday, May 26, 2011

Circle of WTF

i've been watching my twitterverse/facebook-topia blow up all day because of the Circle Of Moms Blog Polls.  first it was that one of the entrants in the "faith" division was seriously bashing the pagans.  (and i read the blog in question.  she was harsh, very harsh). then a bit later same blogger exited the contest (to which she was getting pounded into the ground, BTW) as a personal decision because she couldn't in good consciousness be part of a contest that allowed pagans.  now it's the second spot of the political division calling all her followers to (as FeministBreeder put it " vote down the "feminazis" and other such slurs"  

OK.  WTF. 

it's a blog contest people!!!!!!!!!!!  and yes, i know that some people make money off their blog from advertisers and it's important for them to be seen by lots of people.  

but it's a frakking blog. 

i think some people have forgotten why most of us got started blogging to begin with.  we have something to say.  something that is important to us.  and i don't know about the rest of the blogging universe, but i for one don't give a rat's right butt cheek what other people think about what i'm saying.  (except for YOU, i love YOU).  chalk it up to the frustrated artist in me, but whilst i think it would be frakking awesome to be part of the 'top 25', i don't want it so much that i'm going to send my minions out to be evil.  admittedly i only have one minion, and he's 1 1/2, not very scary.  

so kudos to FeministBreeder, Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom, and PaganMomBlog.  you guys are awesome and haven't once yet belittled the competition.  i wish the rest of the 'verse was as cool as you.  


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I would like to breathe sometime before june

First it was the cold.  That morphed into strep. That was masking the sinus infection (that popped up after the shot in the butt cleared the strep).  That was the only thing keeping my alergys in check. 

I hate pollen.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

A few new sketches

Here are a couple new sketches from the book.  Please let me know what you think.

PS, started a 365 days of blogs challenge, so be prepared to get really bored of hearing from me. :-)

Monday, May 9, 2011

A little give and take

Yove heard me gripe and groan in the past about 'real' food vs 'fake' food.  I've gone on at length about my desire to feed my family nothing but wholesome natural and unprocessed food.  Its better for me.  For my family.  For the environment.

And I can't afford it.

At least not to the extent that I want to take it.  My yard tested high for lead, so until its replaced, I don't get my monster garden. Or anything really that I can't grow in an container.  So... suck 1.  I won't have saturdays off for at least 2 months, so the multiple farmers markets in the area are all off.  Suck 2. As for non-grown, yet still wholesome food? The older won't eat anything but Mac n cheese, and the younger will only eat hot dogs and yogurt.  Suck 3.  Buying food that at LEAST is free of hfc's? Too danm expensive.  A little box of the 'natural' grahm bunnies is almost 4 bucks.  The monster 2lb package of animal crackers that proudly proclaims its hfcs? A dollar something.  Yeah, I bought monster bag. 

Eating healthy 100% of the time costs too much.  And even if i get the 'good stuff', there's no warranty stating that its really GOOD stuff. 

So in an effort to (not annoy my hubby and children) get a little more balance in out food, I'm not going to freak out if we don't always eat the best.  I'm going to try yes.  But I'm not going to best myself up if it doesn't happen.  Yes, Bubby is currently eating the animal-crackers-of-the-danmed.  But he also eats organic yogurt.  So, ya know, it balances out.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Pagan Coming Out Day

To be sure, I'm not really sure what I expected out of today.  A little solidarity, a little 'me too ing maybe.  I got a lot of friends 'liking' my status.  But really, not a lot happened.  But I'm pretty sure I know why.

See, I came out of the Broom Closet a while ago.  My husband always knew. My best friends never had a doubt. My parents have always been 100% suportive.  I've never really had to hide who I am.  I'm pretty damn lucky like that. I've received my fair share of hate full looks, a couple of 'you're going to hell's, and the usual 'you're different so I'm weary of you' that anyone who's ever been different will get.

But I've never been beaten for my beliefs.  I've never been drug out of my home to be surrounded by my friends and neighbors and have stones thrown at me till I die. I've never been raped and left for dead because of what I believe in.  That's never happened to me.

But it still happens in other places, to other people.  And not just in far away countries.  In this one.

So for this Pagan Coming Out Day I have only this to say (and if I'm in your twitter feed, or a facebook friend, you've heard it already so bare with me):

Today is Pagan Coming Out Day and for all of those can not say it, because of relationships, jobs, or even your own safety, I say for you, I am a Pagan.