Monday, October 7, 2013

Magic Bullet Peanut Butter

i have a friend on Facebook, Nydia.  she lives in Brazil, and is cool and amazing.  she posted recently that she made her own peanut butter.  i knew that the process was "out there" (aka somewhere on the internet), but i'd never tried it, nor did i know anyone that had ever done it.  Nydia RAVED about her peanut butter.

i was of course intrigued.

i looked around at different sites for instructions, and found them pretty universal.  get roasted peanuts, put in food processor, eat.  i, however, in a fit of lack-of-counter-space pique, had thrown out my food processor (that only worked sometimes anyway) out the door.

i did have a magic bullet, however.

i got it when Bam was still a baby to make his baby food.  it graduated into smoothies and the occasional salsa/sauce.  i also use it to make hummus.

so i tried it with the magic bullet, and it's is so simple it will amaze you.  PLUS, Nydia was right.  it is the most amazing peanut butter you'll ever try.  i will NEVER (with the exception of apocalyptic situations when there is no access to either roasted peanuts OR electricity) eat jar peanut butter again.  no, i'm not being uppity.  it's just a fact.  yes, it's that good.

first start out with peanuts and the small magic bullet dome

grind up the peanuts.  first stage is the "beachy sand" stage.  

it will start to clump up

keep grinding till you get a, well, peanut butter like consistency.  trust me, it's worth the wait.  

and now enjoy!

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  1. Oh, I'm so glad you tried and liked it! It's ridiculously simple to make and it only takes patience to get the right consistency. And the best, you can make as much as you want. :) Hope you enjoy lots if it, lol :)