Thursday, October 28, 2010

we have a new living room

no, we didn't redecorate.  we just have a whole new living room. 

once upon a time, before nappies and bottles were all the rage in our house, hubby had a dream.  he dreamt of a man cave.  a place where he could go and be a man.  not that he couldn't be a man in the rest of the rooms of the house, but this would be a room specifically for his manhood (i'm a lucky girl).  it would house the majority of his star wars collection, his pirate stuff, and i assume a place for farting and scratching himself.  there is a bar, fridge, fireplace....  as far as man caves go, it's pretty swanky.

and then it evolved. 

first was the couch.  we inherited a new (to us) couch when hubby's dad bought a new one.  so the old couch had to go some where.  man cave.  then when bubby became mobile and we re arranged the living room* we had to put the coffee table somewhere.  man cave.  new tv?  man cave.

so all in all it was a pretty comfy man cave. apparently hubby and bubby spend time down there while i'm at work.   i was even allowed to go inside.  i'm special like that.  and for the past few weekends, we've been spending family time down there.  usually watching hubby play video games and chasing bubby around.  

then yesterday....  we bought a second baby cage (playpen, but common, what is it REALLY?) so the man cave is officially the new living room.  and that's where we are right now.  hubby playing force unleashed 2, bubby in the baby cage happily chewing on a yoda, and me on the couch, feet propped up on the coffee table, cruising the net. 

just one big happy.

*i say we.  hubby just came home one day and found that all the furniture was moved around. 


  1. Your guy is lucky. The BF's "cave" is 12m², and he has to put all his "special stuff" in there - computers (several!!), couch, shelves, camera equipment, musical instruments. (I would be willing to share space with the instruments, but the cats are trying to play (with) them, too.) It's more like a walk-in closet. But hey, my tiny library (14m²) doubles - uhm, multiplies as guest room, working space, laundry drying chamber, home altar space and crafts room. I guess we're even. ^^

  2. And it is an adorable Yoda... Yes. Yes it is.


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