Saturday, October 30, 2010

gearing up for halloween

the outside is decorated, a little.  last year we had little monsters that decided to kick over one of my gnomes.  poor stinkey.  he may never be the same.  but we've got our pumpkin light, a couple of actul pumpkins, and of course my "the witch is in/out" sign on the door. 

i've got witches brew in the new cauldron (ie, the crock pot), one samhain pumpkin shaped cake cooling, and about to start on the second one.  after fish n chips dinner of course.  no need to rush.

i have to work tomorrow, but it's a sunday, so i can wear "regular" clothes.  which tomorrow will include my witches hat.  and maybe my flying broom, haven't decided yet.

i still have to pick up some fire wood.  i wanted a new chimmea, but i'll make due with my rusty fire pit.  this will probably be the LAST time it's used.  i'm pretty sure that it's going to fall apart soon.  i may try to write a real ritual.  but i might not.  like ive said before i'm not big in the stiff ritual, i'm more 'free form'.  of course i may write one then not use it.  we'll see what happens.

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  1. Only yesterday we got some decoration for the flat, and at night I made some ghosts. But then again, Halloween is not really big around here. :-(

    (My ritual will be on the dark moon next weekend, which happens to be my birthday... I can't have too much fun at once. ^^)


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