Friday, October 15, 2010

time suck

i love me some rpg.  we know this.  i think i've expounded on my geekdom.  so when my hubbs brougnt home DragonAge:Origins for his xbox*, i figured i'd give it a try.  it's not like im NEW to consoul rpg's, i've played KOTOR, and watched the hubbs play oblivion so many hours that it's just silly.  (though i prefer to watch him play shoot em ups.  there's something primal about watching your man kill things for you, even pixilated things). 

i'm in love with this game.  i've already beat it twice.  i've been a dwarf commoner (for prefrence), an elf commoner, and i'm playing it through now as a human noble (oddly giving me the most trouble).  and i'll be playing it through at least 3 more times.  dwarf noble, dalish elf, and human rogue. 

the graphics are amazing.  the amount of detail that when into even the backgrounds is astounding.  the charicters are really well drafted, and everything moves very fluidly.  even the music is great.  but i have to say, that my absolute favorite thing about this game...  the voices.  the amazing steve valentine voices alistair, one of the main characters.  and if youre one of my facebook friends, yes, still have a crush on him. 

i checked yesterday...  ive logged in over 28 hours playing this game.  over a day of my life interacting with computer baised life forms.  awesome.  it's amazing what you can accomplish when you don't have tv.

*yes, i said his xbox.  he has one, i have one, and princess has one.  3 xbox 360 family.  cause sometimes we all want to geek out at the same time. 


  1. I love Steve Valentine. I can't believe they canceled Estate of Panic. The game sounds good. It'll make it's way onto the list of future geek outs for this household =).

  2. ok i dont know any of these games that you mentioned. but i feel like this is a safe place for me to say that my son has totally gotten me addicted to call of duty modern warfare 2. i set aside (what i thought was) a few minutes every day to play while im home alone. because its a dirty secret. anyway, i checked yesterday and my total playing time equals over 4 days!!!!!

    i think its hilarious that you have three x boxes. we are without one but my son routinely drops hints. (we have a ps2, a ps3, and a wii. we live in a two bedroom apartment right now, i dont know where we'd put another system!)

  3. I've spent some time watching the BF play "Oblivion", but I haven't tried it myself. I'm not really a gamer, although I have wanted to buy myself a WII for quite some time now - and the moment I have some extra money and no crazy things to pay, I will buy it! *woohoo*

  4. Did you guys play either of the Mass Effect games? I played through the first one about three times, and I'm still in progress of the first playthrough of the second. It's a really good RPG as well. I just need a bigger TV... :(


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