Saturday, October 2, 2010

im... im a geek

I know the title of this post comes as no great shock to anyone. Though you may be suprised at the level of geek.

Example: i am, as i type, in the car headed to the ren-faire. Dressed as a Viking healer (read witch, i know, youre shocked), listening to the robin hood sound track, and crusing the internet looking for cheats fot the xbox game im currently crushing on.


Oh, and my traveling companions are a gentilmen pirate (huhbs), a saucy wench (princess) and a kilted rogue with stripey pants (bubby).

Family of geeks.

But it gets better! Im countig days till february when hubbs and i are on the same schedule and we can have a regular d&d game night again. I play a dwarf fighter (thats right, i make dwarf look sexy). I paint mini figures. Ive made myself a pink fur dice bag.


So yeah, talk nerdy to me.

*this is the third attempt to post this. Blogerdroid lost it the first two times somewhere in iowa. So if it randomly reposts somesay, youll know why.


  1. D&D in Feb? When? I can end my Changeling game by then if there is room.

    -Corey The Great and Almighty

  2. I was WITH YOU until the pink fur dice bag. But only because I don't really like pink. :D

  3. ha. i love ren faires. but i have never dressed up. i guess this makes me 1/2 a geek?

  4. he.Worked my local ren faire for 10 years, lol. And Let me know when you got a rifts game going and I'll hop in.
    Geeks- we are legion!

  5. Wow, I was listening to the robin hood soundtrack just last night. Seeing his costumes at his restaurant up in Deadwood put me in that mood. Good movie! Embrace your geekdom. As society has shown, geeks are in right now, first time I've been "in" in my life.


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