Monday, October 11, 2010

i love this time of year.  the leaves turn pretty colors.  the smell of wood smoke is in the air.  the cooking and baking of comfort foods becomes an almost daily obsession.  (red beans and rice today by the way).

but i have to say that my favorite part of this season....  the horror. 

see, me...  i'm a werewolf buff.  love 'em.  can't get enough of 'em.  and yes i did see the Del Toro Wolfman.  loved it.  (directors cut, not theatrical release.  i don't see the point in the theatrical release anymore.  all directors cut, all the time, thank you)  i'm usually not a re make fan, but damn that was good.  it's amazing what can be done with computer graphics anymore.  (though i do think 'watcher in the woods' deserves a re-do)

and it's not just werewolves.  all horror.  in fact, sometimes, the cheesier the better.  killer clowns from outer space.  mars needs women.  the satanic rites of dracula.  all movies near and dear to my heart. 

oh, and lets not forget the printed word!  kim harrison is a favorite.  and again del toro's the strain.  (ooohhhh, the next "strain" book is out.  i don't have it yet, but i'm drooling already)  even old school.....  stephen king. 

ok, small stephen king rant.  you CANNOT make a good stephen king movie.  you just can't.  there is way too much fracking detail and thought, and......  ookyness that goes on in those books.  it gets lost in the translation from print to screen.  i don't care if you have a favorite movie, or if you think this one or that one was good.  it just can't be done. 

ok, time for bed.  sorry about the randomness and the shortness of the post today. 

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  1. Love horror myself. Although I think I have to disagree on King. There is one movie that I found to be almost near perfection in regards to detail, Misery. I think they only left out one thing (the cut off thumb being a birthday candle) and changed another (no chopping off of the toes). It was as suspenseful as the book and Kathy Bates was the perfect Annie. No one else could pull of her psychoticness. It's the only movie that I like that came from one of King's books. All others have failed miserably.


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