Sunday, October 3, 2010

Race for the Cure

Dont think ive forgotten about you NaBloWriMo. Ill have a real post later. Swear.
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ok, several some hours later... i'm finally ready to re-post.

i ran (and i use this term very loosly) my second 5k today. i sucked (more on that later). my time was 56:43. suck.

but here are a few things that i've learned about training and running a 5k:

1. running on a treadmill does NOT prepare you for running on concrete. it's a totally different animal.
2. do not under any circumstances make a three hour trip (each way) to "your" ren-faire the day before, no matter how much you want to see your friends.
3. taco bell.... not a "night before the race" meal.
4. running in someone elses shoes, no matter how sentimental, is not a good idea.
5. people with "crowd issues" should not accidentally wander to the front of the starting area.

my feet hurt, my legs are screaming, my knees are trying to secede. after the first mile, my body just wouldn't run any more, i had to walk. but even after all that, it was a great race.


because for me it was a healing process. the last 100 yards was walked with me bawling my eyes out. but somehow i know that the wound has started to heal.

Linda, i still miss you. i always will. but i know we'll see each other again someday.


  1. I'm so happy you are on your way to healing. What a wonderful way to honor her...

  2. Reading between the lines, you did it for a friend. Yes, running in her shoes is a bad idea, but the thought matters more than anything else. After all, pain is only temporary.

    Good for you.

  3. Beautiful! We did our first 5k last week in honor of our son. Good for you! Doesn't matter if you ran, walked, stumbled or crawled. You did it. You crossed that finish line!

  4. 'Doesn't matter if you ran, walked, stumbled or crawled. You did it.'

    that. what she said.


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