Friday, October 29, 2010

votive candle to container candle in three easy curse words

looks pretty, doesn't it?  totally not what i was going for.

a while back one of my friends (the one that taught me to make incense) was having a garage sale, and a bunch of his wife's candle making stuff was on the block.  so i picked up a really really spiffy silicone votive mold, and a bunch of soy wax on the cheap.  and there it sat for months.  collecting dust. 

just lately i finally got around to buying votive wicks at my local hobby lobby, and only procrastinated for another week before i got around to making the damn candles.  but make them i did.  i melted the wax, prepped the molds, poured the wax and patiently waited for the wax to harden.  even let it sit overnight. 

the next day i rushed downstairs as if it were christmas, popped the first candle out of it's mold and lit it.  20 minutes later...  this:

a puddle of wax.

apparently soy wax is about 90% of the time, container wax only.  and while the packages i bought didn't SAY they were container wax, rule of thumb is if it doesn't specify, it's container wax.  so i was a little pissed.  i mean common, what the hell am i going to do with votive that burn out in 20 minutes.  (hmmm, actually, they might work well for spells, but then you'd have the puddle of wax to deal with)  but then i remembered my college art classes.  if something happens with your piece you didn't intend...  work it into the piece.

soooo, i spied the dozens of baby food jars that we now have taking up space.  bingo!  i popped a votive in each jar, poured more wax around it...  instant container candle. 

pretty awesome, huh?


  1. hhhmmmm Sorry for the mix up. I'll ask Dawn about the wax. Not sure what wax she used for votives... but I know she used soy for them. I assumed it was all the same but than again I'm not the one who made them. Dont hate me... :)

  2. No worries. i even checked with dawn before i started. could never hate you


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