Monday, October 17, 2011

with the sour comes the sweet

today was kind of craptastic.

it started out wonderful.  waking up to my sweet boy's face.  or rather my sweet boy punching me in the face.  one of the two.  i'm still a little fuzzy on that.  then i had to drop my little man off with my parents, which, while ideal in a lot of respects, still sucks, because it's time away from him.  and someone at work said something careless and that pissed me off for the rest of the day.  and the crazies were out in legion. something i really wanted to arrive in the mail didn't.  which made me remember the logo that was supposed to go in the mail two weeks ago is still on my desk (sorry ImNotHannah, i'll get  it in the mail tomorrow.  but most likely wednsday). Princess decided that she wanted to spend the weekend with her bio-mom because she hadn't seen her all week.  add a less than stellar weights work out... i'm in such a mood that i skipped my Stitch N Bitch with my besties.

but interspersed in that were little sparkles of joy.  bubby made his own choices in his dinner (chicken tender, grapes, and sun chips, with strawberry milk).  two more donations were made for the Omaha Witch Walk.  i worked out the details with Nuclear Ink Custom Tattoo and Piercing to pick up the grand prize for the raffle.  i got lots of little man cuddles.  as i type i'm watching 'my boys' hack at each other with pirate swords.

all in all, not so bad i guess.

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