Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Nine Noble Virtues : Hospitality

i'm running out of blog fodder.  my last few days of blogs have been just a paragraph or two.  nothing to....  write home about.  so i thought i'd revisit something i wrote earlier in the month.  i'm going to take a noble virtue  and write about it every day.  today is hospitality.

here's what i wrote at the beginning of the month:
Hospitality.  Act within the best interests of everyone.  Make the world a better place. Make everyone feel welcome.  This are just a couple of examples of hospitality.  And yes, I know, you're never going to be able to act in EVERYONES best interests, but even just trying to come up with a way to do so, helps.  Its the whole "manifestation of thought " principal.  (I had a $20 phrase, I had to use it)

all of that still holds true (of course it's only been a couple of days, of COURSE it still holds true).  but one phrase in that "make everyone feel welcome" is key.  not everyone feels welcome in the world.  these are tough times.  more so for some than others (insert OWS soap box here, i'm not going to).  and a lot of people could use help, they just don't know how to ask for it.  I mean, there's Catholic Charities, Lutheran Family Services, Salvation Army...  all wonderful organizations that help a multitude of people, but....  noticing a theme here?

where can an openly Pagan person turn if they need assistance?  i know that each and every one of these organizations would help out a Pagan in need.  but would a Pagan feel comfortable enough to ask one of these places?  i can't say that i would be.

now, this is something that, at the moment, is near and dear to my heart.  i'm not sure if you follow me on twitter or facebook (and to lesser extent google plus),  but i've begun the process to start a non-profit.  it's not going to be anything big to start out, i know, but it's going to be somewhere that Pagans can turn to for warm coats, maybe a gift certificate to help with the mortgage, or a hot meal on a Sabbat.

i'm doing this with my friend Jen, another openly Pagan wonder-mom here, and we're starting small (we're just at the beginning, haven't even really picked out a name yet).  really small.  like, one family at a time as we hear about them.  i've already got a little list going from some of my Pagan blog-buddies that i know are going through hard times, and we'll start there.

but in the interest of hospitality, one of the nine noble virtues, will you help?  if you know of a Pagan family (or even non pagan, just someone that needs assistance), let me know.  


  1. This is the type of thing that you are good at.

  2. Yay you!

    There's a similar org here that came out of a now-defunct Pagan umbrella org. They do good work.

    And I like the hospitality link - that's how I feel about the preemie/NICU work I'm doing, because it *is* my second home, and it's rarely welcoming to Pagan folk.


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