Wednesday, October 19, 2011

looking back

in a week, hubby and i will be celebrating our 5 year anniversary.  and i have to say that this has been the best 5 years of my life.

we got married at what all the attendees thought was a halloween party.  no one knew they were there for a wedding until we started.  in fact, or wedding video is rife with my new brother in law saying "no.  wait.  they aren't.  are they?  oh my god i think they are.  no freaking way."  we wrote our own vows.  we were dressed like pirates.  i was asked so many times in the days after the ceremony that i had a tshirt made that simply said "not pregnant".  that seemed to help.

we've worked at the same place, the same hours and same days off.  people have called us crazy for doing so. 'i could never work with my husband'.  i simply reply "i like him". though this somehow never ends the conversation.  at least not for long.

hubby is very 'even keeled'.  sometimes stoic.  i always tell people that im more than emotional for the both of us.  his calm demeanor is what sometimes keeps me from fulfilling an admittedly rage full streak i have a mile wide.  he is the port to my storm.

he keeps me rooted in reality, while still allowing me to dream.  and we make dreams together.  i would have never gotten married again, owned a home, had a child i grew myself, or started a non-profit (working on that one) were it not for him and his support.

we've allowed each other to change.  he's gone from star wars geek, to swarthy pirate, to sports nut in the past 5 years.  and i've loved every change.  i've changed myself.  from massive tom boy to, dare i say it, kinda girly. all with his blessing.

i've never been happier than these last five years.  and i won't say that i'm looking forward to the next five years.  i'm looking forward to the next hundred.

Mark Tomasello, i love you.  i have never loved anyone as much as i love you.  and i never will.  Happy Anniversary (a bit early)


  1. Happiness shows everyday!

  2. "I like him" is the real core of it. Congratulations :)

  3. Happy Anniversary! What a wonderful post! I love the "I like him" line. That is what it is all about.


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