Thursday, October 6, 2011

it's geek night! booyah!

just a quick post tonight.  the guys are coming over for our bi-weekly rpg.  we're still playing dragonage, but i think star wars will be starting up again soon.  right now i'm an axe wielding dwarf.  i'm awesome.

having the guys over involves cleaning the house, so i've been at it since i got home from Bubby and C's play date (though i hate the term play date. i'd rather just say that i hung out with J while the boys played) i was decked out in full witchy gear.  my mom made me an apron with a kitchen witch on it, so of COURSE i had to wear it the entire time.  Frigga was very happy.  (on the same note, i've started doing a nightly prayer to the gods.  that's something i haven't done since i was, oh, i don't know... seven.  i like it.)

so, about to scarf some bread and cheese before the guys get here.  mmmmm, cheese.

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  1. This is a really neat idea! I've been seeing pinterest all over, I may have to give it another look... Thank you for sharing!



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