Sunday, October 9, 2011

Dear 15 year old me

Dear 15 year old me,
     hi.  i've come from the future to give you a message.  some of it's good, some of it's bad.  just listen.  it's important.  oh, and don't get your hopes up about the 'time travel' thing.  H.G.Wells was a fraud.

  •      stop trying to fit in.  it's not going to work.  instead how about you be comfortable with who you are?  that will work out much better for you in the years to come
  • yes, black goes with everything.  but how about saving your mother a lot of worry and throw a couple of other colors in there as well, huh?  seriously.  give the woman a break
  • you will never understand Jackson Pollack.  stop trying.
  • boys will break your heart.  and it will hurt worse each time it happens.  but never ever be afraid to try again.  there is one out there.  an honest to gods true love.  and he is worth every tear the others made you cry.
  • you don't want children.  that's fine.  you won't for another 20 years.  but someday you will.  and you'll get them.  and it's not like you think it will be.  it's so much better.
  • the winning lottery numbers are 5,16,42,8, & 2.  however, you never buy the ticket.
  • when you finally come out of the 'broom closet', mom and dad are exceptionally cool.  you'll wonder why you were hesitant to tell them.  
  • there is a book series called Twilight.  just...  no.  save yourself the aggravation   
  • yes, you just read the bell jar and didn't think anything was too weird about it.  you're going to read it again in 3-4 years and wonder why your parents didn't have you locked up in the mental ward.  trust me, you don't see it now, but that book is all kinds of effed up.  
  • there will be a show called firefly.  it will mean a great deal to you.  i'd tell you more, but you'll want to see for yourself.
  • don't let anyone give you crap about not driving till you're 17.  if you're not ready, you're not ready.  life will unfold for you at it's own pace.  not someone else s.  because then it would be their life, not yours.
  • no, she's not going to change.  yes, she gets worse.  you're just going to have to deal with her as she is.  you know who i'm talking about.
  • you are not the sum of your parts. 
     and finally

  • there will come a time when you are going to hit your groove and everything will be perfict.  try not to ruin it by trying to figure out what the price you will have to pay is going to be.  you're going to do it anyway, just try.  that's all i'm asking
    your 37 (in two weeks) self,


  1. What a great post....LOVE IT!

  2. GREAT idea to give the lottery number!! But really, a 15 year old would have no idea that it is best to not spend it all.

  3. Great letter! Funny and moving!

    Are you sure you don't want to warn your 15yo self not to get invested in Firefly for as a long term relationship? It's a heartbreak she can avoid ;)

    And happy birthday, ye olde lady! ;p

  4. oh but Zoie, it IS a long term relationship. i watch the whole season at least once a season

  5. All good advice. But a 15 yr old won't listen to anyone over 20 anyway!

  6. Great advice in a great letter. Not that I'd have listened at 15. I was 15.

  7. Love it! What a great letter. If your 15 year old self is anything like my 15 year old self (and a few of these things make it sound like we'd have been the black clad loner friends) she would be all like 'pfft!' I think I'm going to hand write one of these into my journal and re-read it in a few years. :)


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