Tuesday, October 4, 2011

it's red wine with mac n cheese, right?

it's five o clock.  i'm eating my dinner.  yellow cheese type pasta shaped like a cartoon race car, with garlic salt and sour cream added.  drinking a glass or red wine.  cause i'm all fancy.  i think it's possible i've been out of the world too long.  it's possible that i have not been out of the house except to go to work or to the grocery store for several months.  i know this because i'm super excited that a new backyardigans is avilable on netflix.

so hubby and i are going to have a date night on friday.  we're planing on going bowling.  and i am absurdly looking for ward to it.  we haven't been on a date night in....  yeah, i don't remember.  but i'm pretty sure i spent the entire time texting my mother asking if Bubby had been attacked by the roomba.  (serioulsy, that thing will kill someone some day.  what's the name of the company?  irobot.  am i the ONLY one who saw the movie????)  so a date night is much needed.


  1. Yes, it most definitely is right (in answer to your title question), when it result in writing this entertaining. Thanks so much for the iRobot laugh!

  2. I think that if you're eating mac & cheese, you must drink the wine out of a small plastic cup, not an actual glass.

    I hope bowling is wonderful. I know how you feel - I get excited to go to the grocery store! I make my lists over and over, plan how I'm going to make my way through the store... it's really very sad and a little creepy! But, hey, when that's your thrill for the week, you go all out, right?


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