Monday, October 3, 2011

almost didn't get it in today

i got caught up in embroidery.  seriously.  you think it's just a matter of picking out a pattern and pressing a button.  no.  i had thread issues.  MASSIVE thread issues.  (note to self, thread that is quite possibly from the 1970's....  not so much for embroidery.  just sayn')  and needle issues.  and stabilizer issues.  but i've got the top hat completely embroidered.  i'm going to give it to mom for a halloween gift.  i'll post pics of the construction phase for wordless wednsday.


today's blog prompt from NaBloWriMo is 'if you could be any character from a book, who would you be'.  that is easy peasy.  though admittedly, there is a great pool from which to choose.  i could be Hermione.  The White Queen. Dresden.  all of those would be awesome.  but i have to say, 100%, unquestionably, i would be Sybil Vimes.

what do you mean you don't know who Sybil is?  i don't even KNOW you anymore!!!  (yes, a bit dramatic, but it's the same conversation i have with hubby every year or so).

Sibyl Vimes is an (admittedly) minor character in the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett.  she never saved the world (except in a round about way), she never started a war, or was the deus ex machena.  but she is the baddest, most kick ass character in my literary world.  why?  because she grows.  she goes from being a jolly, friendly, sometimes soppy intellectual in Guards! Guards! to a woman who sets an entire pen of dragons on a dwarf that invades her home in Thud! (best line ever (in context) 'good boys!)

i identify with Sibyl.  i can easily see myself as the girl with the 'great personaliy' that throws herself into a hobby.  then, when unexpectedly, and late in life, love finds her, she embraces the roles of wife and mother, even protectress.  she lives her reality, even when it's in change.  that takes guts.

so while there's not a book just about Sibyl, she is to me one of the most important characters there is.  without her Sam Vimes would still be drunk in a gutter and the Patrician would have no fun at all.

and if none of that makes sense to you here's your library list:

Guards! Guards!
The Night Watch

all by Terry Pratchett.

go read them now.  then tell me Sybil isn't the bomb.

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  1. Great choice. I love Sybil too :)
    Check out The Fifth Elephant as well. She's superb in that and far from minor.


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