Monday, December 27, 2010

yoga breathing app. yep, they have that

so i've been trolling around the internet at different yoga blogs since i've decided that i want to start my yoga teacher training next year.  some blogs are good, some crap.  a couple of the good ones are and .  (spoiledyogi has described my DREAM yoga studio)  i wasn't really looking for anything in particular, just surfing.

but then i saw it.

a pranayama app for the iPhone.  now, i don't have an iPhone,  because at&t sucks.  but i do have an android.  so i marched over to my phone and downloaded it from the android market.  i've used it a couple of times, and i have to say, it's a pretty good app!  of course hubby and princess had a good laugh at my expense, but there's nothing new in that   :)

i like to think of myself as a technophile (while hubby reminds me that somehow i've killed every computer i've ever had, i think it's my electromagnetic field or something), so i'm pretty sure that this app will stay on my phone for a very very long time.  unlike the minesweeper app.  that was just stupid.


  1. Ha, I know that - last night the BF told me that my notebook broke down AGAIN (like the 6th time since I've had it, each time so bad we had to re-install EVERYTHING and once almost lost my diploma thesis) is not because there is something wrong with the technical stuff inside, but with the way I use it. Well, I didn't know that there is a way writing stories and watching movies can harm a computer, but I am almost willing to believe him... I tend to "kill" technical stuff, and last night even disturbed our TV picture every time I came near the antenna.

    Electromagnetic field, you say? ^^

  2. which app? I searched for it and found several.

    I, by the way, stop watches. My dad has made one run backwards (the hand kind), I just got the diluted gene though.