Friday, December 3, 2010

things my father taught me

fathers these days get a pretty bum wrap. you always hear about deadbeat dads, baby daddys, or any other flock of useless fathers. but you never hear about dads that really rock, and my dad DOES rock. so for this blog, im going to tell you all the pretty awesome things that my father has passed on to me. (remember, for the bulk of his career, dad was a deputy sheriff, so a lot of this is in that vein)

how to curse like a sailor in two different languages. english, and french. the french didnt stick, but the english did.

never, ever start a fight. but always finish it. finishing can be anything from walking away to beating the holy hell out of the other person. depends on the situation.

it is easier to beg forgivness than ask permission. and believe me, i tested the limits of this one.

never buy a pair of shoes that you cant run down a potential purse snatcher/attacker. now you know why i wore combat boots to the prom.

always watch animals, they know more than we do. its true, watch birds about an hour before a storm. they wont fly very high.

pay attention to your surroundings. know where the exits are at all times. and the bathrooms.

laugh. laugh hard and often. find humor in every situation. even if you really have to search to find it.

if you really love someone, fight to keep that love going. never ever let your partner think you dont care.

when you fire a gun, the dangerious end isnt the one that the bullet comes out of. the danger comes from the person holding the gun.

if youre bored, youre not trying hard enough to entertain yourself.

when you need help, ask for it. it doesnt mean youre weak, it means youre strong enough to know you need help.

see, my dad is a pretty awesome guy.


  1. Then there's "never settle for good enough" and "always buy the very best you can afford." Oh, and a sewing machine will kill you and you can make any song about drugs. (But you might not have been privy to those last two conversations.)

  2. Some great advice from an obviously great guy :) You're lucky to have a great father figure to look up to. Can I borrow him?? LOL

  3. I got a lot of similar lessons from my dad. One that I constantly use is "anything can be fixed with a bigger hammer", lol.