Thursday, December 2, 2010

gawds i hate christmas music!

well, i do. im tired of hearing it from oct. 1st to jan. 1st. i sick to death of being told to have myself a merry little xmas. the next person to play it around me wll get a holly jolly boot in the pie-hole.

i still remember when i was a child, they would play carrols on a radio station all the time starting december 23rd. not EVERY station starting thanksgiving day. when did that change and why?

ive never been big into christmas. never. not even as a kid. ask my mom. by the time i could read "stocking stuffers" on the isle at target, the illusion was shot, you know? and despite my mother's insistance (and my husbands for that matter) that having the baby would change that... nope. still hate it.

admitedly, hate is a strong word. dislike. yeah, we'll go with dislike. i dislike the crass comertialism. i dislike the very obvious hipocracy. i dislike everybody comming at me from every direction telling me how much money they need me to give them. im all for charity, but guys, not all at once, ok?

but i have been cursed people. cursed. i love a man that loves christmas. loves it. every year a weekend is set asside to put up the tree and decorate the house. "national lampoons christmas vacation" plays in the dvd player over and over for at least a day. and lately ive been hearing brian setzers christmas album playing in the house. (its the only christmas album we can agree on)

so i suck it up. i listen to the music in the stores, brave the crowds, even pay out for the commertialism. all the while only slightly planing out murder senerios in my head. because theres always an upside to any holliday...

the cooking and baking.


  1. Have you ever heard "Walking Around in Women's Underwear"? It's funny, you got to hear it if you haven't.

  2. I find it easier to stomach now that we've started to put more emphasis on spending time together as a family at this time of the year. As far as gifts and commercialism we try to do the bulk of our shopping handmade and or locally. This year kind of sucks in the cooking and baking department for me since I've got Gestational Diabetes I'm not at liberty to overindulge in all the best of the holiday goodies.

  3. Haha, same here. I could do fine without christmas, and the BF has been planning where to purchase, when to put up and how to decorate the tree since September. But I guess, since it means so much to him, I will let him have his way. As long as I get to decorate everything for the rest of the year...

  4. ah, murder scenarios.....oh, wait. was that not the point? sorry, I was in another place there for a second

    Maybe you could find a way to compromise and do something more solsticey