Sunday, December 26, 2010

new year, new me*

Dec 21st was yule.  and while i'm a bad pagan and didn't do any type of celebration other than moving my wheel of the year over a space, have made my new years resolutions.  so here goes:

365 days of yoga.  i've done great so far.  i've done two or three sessions each day.  and i'm really noticing a difference.  i can get my hand almost all the way on the floor in triangle pose, and if you've never tried that before...  it's tough.

no HFCS or 'corn sugar' as the corn refiners association wants you to call it.  the stuff is grossly nasty.  it gets you totally addicted.  i've been without soda for two weeks, and let me tell you, that first week i would have kicked my own mother in the shins for a diet pepsi.  so don't tell me that it's not a disgusting drug.

self sufficient garden.  and let me tell you, it's gonna be a big 'en.  i've started planing already.

get the Apocalypse room ready.  that's what hubby and i have been calling our emergency pantry that were getting set up in the basement,  OK, so i'm the only one calling it that, shoosh.

rain barrels.  i don't know why i want them, i just really really do.

see, not an unattainable list.

*and when i say new year new me, i don't really mean it the way most people do.  i'm not going to change myself completely.  cause lets face it, i'm awesome just like i am.


  1. Yes, you are awesome. And rain barrels are great for collecting water (that part was clear *g*) to water your garden. Really, really inexpensive. ^^

  2. ~good for you for attempting new!!! life is full of things to try and do and see and i wish you the very best as you journey along this coming year!!! rain barrels have been on my list for about two years now...and i will be making it come to be this year!!! warm wishes and brightest blessings~