Sunday, January 2, 2011

it's all about balance

i'm not going to say i've got it all figured out.  far-fracking-from it.  but i do have some pretty broad generalizations figured out. and what would the internet be without someone telling you their opinion, right?

in broad terms, for me, it's all about balance.  you can't have dark without light.  there is no pleasure without pain.  and if you don't know what it's like to be sad, you'll never know what it's like to be happy.  i try to keep my life pretty balanced (i am a libra after all).  yes, i have a job that i hate.  but i have an amazing home life.  no, i don't have a lot of money.  but money isn't something that i've ever been really attached to anyway.  yeah, there are a few people that i have in my life that irk the hell out of me.  but there's an equal number that i just can't live without.

as far as i'm concerned, as long as you keep your balance, you can't fall far enough to hurt yourself.

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