Wednesday, December 8, 2010

homestead, or fortress?

urban homesteading is kind of a big deal with me. i love the idea of being totally self dufficent. i like the idea that if, say the power went out, my family and i would be able to survive, even for an extended period of time. i mean, winters can be kind of harsh in nebraska. if the snow strands us in for a day or two, even a week, i want to be able to survive with as little real disruption as possible.

so the back yard will be turned into a homestead farm. if everything goes to plan, we will have enough fresh food to last into fall, and enough canned and frozen to get us to spring. the basement storage room is being cleaned out and turned into a pantry and supply room. canned goods, batteries, tools, even camping equiptment will be stored there. and yes, guns.

beczuse as the hubs and i are figuring out (and honestly, we must not have been paying attention before now) there is a fine line between homestead and fortress. (admittedly, the first time i voiced that it was "between survivalist and redneck" but i digress). because what would happen, and this is a worst case sinerio, there is a big enough snow storm that the power is knocked out, delivery trucks cant make it, and civilization as we know it is disrupted? im going to find a deer, and make sure that my family can eat.

(notice how im specificly NOT mentioning that historicaly, what happens when people that arent prepared realize that they cant get to any food? you know, the looting, the burglaries, looting. fun stuff)

and dont even get me started on my plan for the zombie apocolipse.


  1. So when do you get the placard that says "grayskull"?

  2. Sounds great! I am sooo looking forward to having my own garden to grow food and have my own chickens (and I plan on eating them, too). At the moment we only have a balcony, where I grow herbs and tiny tomatinos. ^^