Thursday, November 11, 2010

there isnt enough coffee in the world

*please forgive all spelling errors, im typing this on my kindle, and there is no spellcheck*

my kitchen is still in disarray. nothing is where it should be. the blender is on the floor, the microwave is sitting in front of the oven, the coffee maker on the stovetop. my altar people... in the panrty. my sacred space, my CENTER is jumbled and..... its just a big ole mess.

i mean, i knew that i wouldnt be able to use the countertops for three days. i mean, its written on the box. but knowing something, and having the reality slap you in the face are a bit different. 3 days of nothing on the counters. 3 days of no food prep that requires more than opening the fridge.

which means no real cooking. hells, no nukeing for that matter. no kitchen witchery. no whipping up a batch of witches brew, no steaming pots full of onion soup (onion for protection), no yummy smells coming froom the oven as i take out a batch of gingerbread bats. (yes, bats. one year for yule it was the only cookie cutter i had, now its a tradition.)

and thats bothering me a lot. that im not able to do my "witchery" at a moments notice. cooking and baking is such a huge aprt of who i am, of what i am. 3 days is a huge amount of time to be without that.

will it be worth it when the counter tops are done? i hope so. i know that it will be better when the countertops are done AND everything is back where it goes. when my "circle" is complete again.

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