Sunday, November 21, 2010

gimme a C! gimme a R! gimme a A,Z,Y!

im going to preface this with a little background info for those that dont know it already. i work at my local 911. i hear the best and absolute worst that society can dish up. it takes a certian kind of detatchment to be able to do this for any legnth of time. ive been doing it for 9 years now. so this post is a bit... personal, without being specific.

there is a HUGE problem in society today. and it gets worse and worse every day.

people are expectted to behave within socially acceptable boundries called 'normal'. and there expected to do it every day. as a society we put on our cookie cutter suits, go to our cookie cutter jobs, come home to our cookie cutter houses and families. we are taught to never stand out. never be different. and its killing us. i take calls every day from teens acting out, family screaming matches, wives looking for husbands that dissappeared with the contents of the bank account. all because we have shackled ourselves, created a prison that we cant seem to shake.

when was the last time you were happy?
the last time you just let go and went crazy?
think the two might be related?

the little boxes we have forced ourselves into are killing us. rotting us from the inside out. and its all because we dont let ourselves just... be. i hear countless times a day, both in work amd out, from people that they would "lov to do x" but their wife/husband/boss/neighbors/insert authority figure here "just wouldnt understand"

when did we make other people the authority over us? when did it become ok to give away that much power?

in our house, going crazy is a pretty routine thing. we encourage it. we feed it. because we understand that going crazy is nessiassairy and, dare i say it, healthy.

on any given day in our house you will see a room covered in star wars toys, 2 complete ghostbusters costumes, mideval bannars, a minni quidditch pitch, flying broom, star wars costumes, pirate costumes, ill run out of room if i try to list everything. hubby wants to play paintball? go for it. world war 2 reenactment? enjoy. i decide to drop everything and spray paint the front door bright green and put on a door knocker of thor? good on ya.

hubby and i, both working at the same place, understand the importance of going crazy. i LOVE when hubby goes crazy. because i know he wont be draining our bank account for a weekend in vegas without telling me. and he knows the same about me. all because we give each other the freedom to go a little insane every once in a while. so please people, for the good of the world, go...



  1. Thank you! This is exactly what I needed to hear today, particularly the part about letting others have authority over us. When did I become that girl? So I think today I will turn my music up loud and sing at the top of my lungs because that's what makes me happy. And you are right. I am tired of the box I have put myself in. Time to break free!