Friday, November 19, 2010

ahh flu, how i didnt miss you even a little

so yeah, its been a couple days. ive been away from the computer. mainly because ive been upchucking. yes, thats right the flu has hit the vnh household.

first it was bubby. poor boy, hed never thrown up before. he didnt know what was going on. he was so scared. a call to the doctor and a jug of pedialyte later and hes just fine, though a bit more cuddlly than usual. im ok with that though.

then... me. it started at 3am, and got steadly worse untill i came face to face with the tacos i had for dinner the night before. yum. not so much. but im on the mend, and even back to work. though im still convinced id make a better thhm than i do a work out of the house mom. but thats for another time...

and just as i am getting better, i get a call from the princess other nana saying that she had to be picked up from school because she threw up before lunch. my poor baby. i knew shed had a bad cold, shed been coughing for a week. her bio mom has been sending her to us with a slew of otc meds. but i was hoping that this flu would pass her by. * she should be in the pink in a day or so.

but now that everything is (for the most part) back to normal, the blogs should be rolling out again.

of course now that ive said that ill probably get typhoid or something.

* this was going to be a huge rant about how over the counter meds dont really HEAL you, they just make you FEEL better. but i decided it wasnt worth the fight that might ensue. im still weak from the flu.


  1. Yay!! Glad you're back! (Sorry the kidlet is sick, though. :()

  2. I am fervently hoping that it passes our house by this year. With the 6 of us when one is finally over it another starts, and by the time it gets all the way around the first one is getting it again..sigh..Glad you guys are on the down slope though =).