Thursday, January 30, 2014

keeping our power

i want to talk to you for a minute.

i want to talk to you about power.  the power that we as humans posses.  the power that we give away.  the power of words.  about keeping power.  about taking it away from others.  about your power.

we are powerful beings.  you have so much intellect, and beauty, and energy, and potential.  you have so much power, and you don't recognize even a millionth of it.  we give our power away to parents, and lovers, and teachers, and bosses.  to our children, to our siblings. that give and take of power is fine, even beautiful.  it's love and compromise, and respect.

 but most of all we give our power away to people that abuse it.  that rip if from us and leave us wounded and broken.  a hollow shell of self hate and anger.  and we do it willingly, even paying for the privilege.  from fashion magazines, to reality television, everything about the cult of celebrity that has overtaken out culture, or what passes as our culture anymore.

words have power. ask a three year old about Santa Claus and you will see how much power words have. when you say something that makes it real. when we watch these reality shows, and fashion shows, and read the trashy magazines that follow "celebrities" we take that power and twist it.

i stumbled across this on pintrest today, and it had a bigger effect on me than i thought it would.  for those that don't click the link, it is Australian comedian Adam Hill giving Joan Rivers a piece of his mind because of some rather unflattering things that she tweeted and said about Adele on the Tonight Show.  she was mean.  very mean.  to a woman that, to my knowledge, has never done anything disrespectful to Ms Rivers.  i read it.  sat and thought about it for a while.   then i got mad.

this 'person' was trying to hurt someone else for sport.  ripping away the power and beauty of another individual.  tearing down another human being with words poised like claws.  why?  to hurt.  to strip away another persons power, leaving them wounded.  bleeding.

we have to stop giving that power away.  it's too precious.  too valuable.  when we watch the shows, read the magazines, that power is ripped away.  gone.  and we'll never get it back.  and there comes a point, there has to, where we have no power at all.  none left for our children, for our lovers, out parents....  we are empty shells.  what then?  what horrible hollow thing will we become?  are we already in danger of becoming?

what would happen if we all just said "no more!"?  if we each resolved to keep our power, to no longer let others take it from us?  what kind of world would we have if the only transfer of power was done with love and respect?

so i, for one, am done.  i have no more power left for those things.  my power is mine.  my light, my soul, my intimate sexiness, my wonderful indefinable quality, mine and mine alone.  i will no longer give that power away.  

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