Wednesday, January 1, 2014

it's a process

so today is day 3 of "pretty much" gluten free.  i say pretty much because i haven't fully researched all the ingredients of the coffee creamer i had on the first two days, and apparently the good people at Terry's Chocolate Orange haven't yet gotten the memo that i'm trying gluten free because there's a possibility of cross contamination.  dammit.  there just SO good!!!

anyway.  i'm noticing some detox like symptoms.  achy joints, stuffiness, etc.  and i got the book Wheat Belly on my kindle.  i like it so far, but i'm still in the early stages.  going gluten free is a process.  a process of CONSTANT VIGILANCE!!!  (and if you read that in Mad Eye Moody's voice, i tip my glass to you)  because there's always a risk of cross contamination.  now, to be clear, i don't have ciliac disease.  i'm not going to die if i have a crouton on my salad.  but reading into the genetic manipulation of wheat, knowing that evolutionarily we just aren't supposed to be eating this stuff, and doing research, i've made the conscious decision to eliminate it.  it's an experiment.  i want to see if i feel better if i cut out gluten.  if i don't, i can add it back.  but if i do, it will prove to me what i'm reading is true.

and with the massive amounts of gluten free recipes out there, i don't think it's going to be too much of a hardship.  no, really.  i have a pintrest board set up for the recipes i find, and i'll be adding more as i find them. even at walmart you can get gluten free baking mix and cake mixes.  and a little preparation goes a long way.   like today, i was gifted some beef neck bones from a friend that goes in for a cow share.  i boiled up the bones to make a stock, took the meat that was left along with carrots, celery, and peas, i made the best damn beef veg soup that you'll ever have.  i ladled them into my huge collection of mason jars, and now i have an entire week worth of lunches made.  and it took me 15 minutes of actual "work".

the rest of the house is decidedly NOT gluten free.  but here also, i just need to pre-plan a bit.  with the turkey stock i made i'm making two batches of turkey soup.  turkey noodle for the hubby, and turkey and brown rice for me.  really not a noticeable difference as far as i'm concerned.  even eating out i've got lots of options.  we got take out at work today from Panera, i looked ahead and saw that the chicken hummus power bowl is gluten free, but may have cross contamination.  so much like my beloved Terry's Chocolate Orange, i can have it since i'm not TOO worried about contamination.  admittedly, i may get cross contamination worried later on if i really see a marked difference without gluten.  but for now, i'll deal.

i'll keep a kind of journal here (when i feel like it, lets face it, i'm a touch and go blogger), and report my experience.

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