Friday, January 17, 2014

a cup of tea and a pencil

I'm working on getting better coping mechanisms.  in the long days past (aka last month), if something damaged my calm i would sit down with an entire pizza, or a whole order of deep fried pickles or mozzarella sticks.  i can't do that anymore.  for one, if i eat that much cheese i will be doubled over in pain in an hour, and two, if i eat that much (or any really I'm discovering) gluten i'll blow up like a balloon and feel nauseous for weeks.  so no.  and in the last couple of days i've needed a coping mechanism.

now, a little back story:  i've always considered myself an artist. (admitedly, for about 80% of that time, i'm not sure why i did, i wasn't producing any art)  i have always drawn.  i don't remember a time in my life wehn i ddin't have at least one, if not ten half finished sketchbooks littered around the house.  i have worked in crayon, conte, pastels, oils, acrylic, ceramic, and a couple of times in mashed potato.   i minored in art in college, with an emphasis in sculpture.  i once made a replica of a combat boot out of wire.  had i ever finished my bachelors degree, i was invited to go to San Francisco College of Art to achieve my masters.  i don't say this to brag.  i say it so you know how engraned in me it is.

so when the world was swept out from under me, instead of killer food, i picked up a nice cup of tea and a pencil.  and here are some of the results:

i'm not sure what inspired this one, but i think i like the elongated neck.  

a more "realistic" Wonder Woman.  i'm only about half finished with this one.  

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  1. I've also always considered myself an artist although I didn't produce anything for years. Even now I paint but I don't really produce results. It's something I'm working on this year. My goal is to get some stuff in a gallery by the end of the year. Which means actually finishing some paintings. I'm so good at starting but rubbish at finishing projects!