Saturday, January 29, 2011

its been a year

a year ago today (from right now till nearly 2am) i:

realized that my water broke. really, really slowly.

had a nurse whisper to me to hit a drive thru on the way to the hospital because i was in labor and wouldnt be able to eat till the baby arrived.

picked my daughter up in the middle of the school day.

text messaged people with two words... "it's time"

i freaked out a doc by telling him which vertibre he was pumping the epidural into (thank you yoga)

realized i hated the on call ob more than ive ever hated another person in my life. she threatened me with a c section if i didnt push harder.

my hubby whispered "you can do this" in my ear. fell even more in love with him at that moment.

attempted to kick said ob in the face when she cut me instead of letting me tear. that was against my birth plan and EVERYTHING i told her and the nurses.

decided to never set foot in Methodist Hospital again.

held my sweet boy for the first time. and everything was ok again.

by noon (a year ago tomorrow) i watched my baby girl hold her brother for the first time. and everything was so much better than ok.

it was awesome.

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