Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Imbloc - and a mini freak out

it really doesn't feel like imbloc today. we just got over being hit with the tail end of snowpocolipse (maybe 4 inches, tops), it's bitter cold outside, and honestly the thought of growing things is so remote that it doesn't even really register.  i'm not even really celebrating today.  i'm going to get together with friends (a couple of whom are pagan) and do a big thing on the 18th to match up with the full moon.

and that has kind of got me flustered.  as most of you know, i'm a kitchen witch.  solitary.  it's been so long since i've cast a circle, i have to go through my books and brush up on it.  and i've NEVER done a group ritual in my life.  never.  what we've got planned is pretty low key, lots of candles in the snow, but it's still my first ever group ritual.  this is kind of a big deal.

i mean, what if i totally biff it?  yes, these are my friends, and they'll love me no matter what.  but what if i TOTALLY BIFF IT?????

i think i have a lot of reading to do.


  1. Haha, don't worry about it too much! :) I had the same anxiety about my first group ritual, too, but it really wasn't all that bad; I biffed (haha, love that word) a few times, but it's like anything else: People make mistakes. Even the elders in my group fudged a bit! They were actually funny moments, and the giggling (at least IMO) raises even more positive energy. :)

    Anyway, no worries. Have fun, hon! And blessed Imbolc!!

  2. You'll be fine.....just go with your gut and don't over analyze it. I agree with TCC...if you flub it and there is giggling involved..yay for positive energies being raised by all. Deep breath....and don't forget to exhale.

  3. Naw, you just speak from your heart and you'll be fine. There is no way to mess (biff) that up.

  4. Go for it. You totally have got this!