Monday, January 17, 2011

its elemental!

i'm a Libra, with the exception of 1/2 a day last week.  an air sign. i used to revel in my air-ness.  i would scry with incense (which never worked), i dreamt of flying, everything.  and i'm sorry, but i'm just not feeling it lately. I've been feeling a lot more pull to the earth element.  have been since last year, around the time bubby was born.

i'm pretty sure that it's because it's winter.  i've always had trouble with my "witchyness" in winter.  but this year it seems even more so.  it's almost like i'm mourning the loss of growing things.  (bowl of rice in my fridge not withstanding)  there's something about the smell of spring that gets me in into my witchery.  honestly, i think the last communion with the god and goddess that i did, was making a batch of witches brew around thanksgiving.

a lot of it is that since it is cold outside, i have no way to really be IN nature.  it's a little difficult to be in nature when you're worried about frostbite.  and toting around bubby in the cold...  not going to happen.

i'm really hoping that the end of winter will bring me back to my center.  i'd like to see if this pull to earth is for the long term.  cause to be honest, i kinda like it.

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